Garden of the Gods

A Colorado Springs Treasure

Before gold was ever found in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods was a treasure for the city.  General Palmer located his home near Garden of the Gods.  This picture was taken in the later part of the 19th century.

Helen Hunt Jackson called Garden of the Gods “a supernatural catastrophe.”  According to legend, the Garden of the Gods was named in 1859.  While Melancthon Beach (founder of Colorado City) was showing off the soaring rocks to his friend Rufus Cable, Beach asked Cable, “Don’t you think, Cable, that this would be a great place for a beer garden?”  Cable replied, “Beer Garden!

North Gateway Rock Garden of the Gods

Why this is a fit place for a Garden of the Gods!”  (Newport of the Rockies, p. 97)

Although the legend is dubious, the sentiment is sincere.  The soaring rocks of Garden of the Gods inspire the imagination and are one of the primary destinations for tourists and residents alike.  It is beautiful, gorgeous, awe-inspiring and one of my personal favorite places to hang out.  The purpose of this page is to provide pictures of the beauty that is Garden of the Gods.

Here is what you see as you drive into the main entrance.  You can see Pikes Peak in the distance and the beautiful spires of the Garden of the Gods in the foreground.

Entrance to Garden of the Gods

You drive around the curve and can park in the main parking lot. When you walk in you get a view like this one.

Here is proof that the Garden of the Gods has been well visited over the years.  Because the rock is soft sandstone, it has been carved on by people who wanted to memorialize their visit.  Carving is frowned upon now, but here is one from 1858.

Here are the famous Kissing Camels in the Garden of the Gods.

Kissing Camels in Garden of the Gods

As you walk around North Gateway rock, you can see the Sentinel Rock (which is one of my favorite rock climbs).

North Gateway and Sentinel Rock in Garden of the Gods

Balancing Rock

One of the most famous images from Garden of the Gods is Balancing Rock.

You can see the rock as you drive into the park.  It is southwest toward Manitou Springs.

Here is a close up of the pedestal itself.  There is the rock over my head.  I am under the balancing rock here.  I hope it does not pick now to fall over.


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