Guanacaste – Costa Rica

Whether you are looking to get away from it all, do a little soul searching or just want to have a good time you will find it in Guanacaste province.

When most people come to Costa Rica they come for the beaches. The Hermosa, El Coco, Flamingo, Tamarindo, and Nosara beaches that stretch across Guanacaste’s shores are the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Other than the sheer beauty of the area a wealth of water sports are also available including world-class sport fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Guanacaste’s beaches are actually a famous destination for surfers. Since being accredited in the blockbuster hit Endless Summer II the province has been a beehive of tourists and investors alike.

Guanacaste Beaches

If you are a radical surfer, longboarder, or just want to catch some waves don’t worry about Guanacaste’s huge popularity there are still plenty of surf spots to discover. The raging waters from untamed rivers inland create the perfect opportunity for Kayaking or White Water Rafting or you can practice Wind Surfing on one of the many mountain lakes. If you are looking for a bit of tranquility relax and soothe away the day in one of the serene naturally fed hot springs. No matter what part of the province you find yourself you’ll have fun getting wet or wild.

Guanacaste also offers a variety of activities for those landlocked lovers. From breathtaking views on top of Guanacaste’s eastern shore volcanoes to an exhilarating horseback ride on the beach or through the jungle or Canopy tours, where if you are lucky you’ll spot a screaming monkey or two, Guanacaste’s inland boasts almost as much as its pristine shorelines. For the less active souls, the province also boasts rare and exotic bird watching and perfect weather for lounging on the beach or hitting the green for eighteen holes with constant heat and little rain from November to April.

For all the animal lovers out there the province also has a wide variety of wildlife. Leatherback turtles and other species of sea turtles use these beaches as a breeding ground. Witnessing the hatching of hundreds of baby sea turtles is a once in a lifetime experience and one you will never forget. Further inland in the Santa Rosa National Park thousands of exotic plants and butterflies flutter around in the tropical and humid forest. Hiding deeper in the dense foliage there are also many rare and endangered wildlife and birds including jaguars and tapirs.

Whether you have spent the day in the crystal clear waters scuba diving or winding up the steep terrain of a volcano finding a delicious meal will be next on your list. Local fare includes breakfast which is called Gallo Pinto, Spotted Rooster. This dish is made with red or black beans and rice, diced onion, peppers, cilantro, and scrambles eggs. For lunch try the “Casado” that consists of chicken in a sauce served with beans and rice, fried plantain, salad, mashed potatoes, and avocadoes. For dinner dig into some “Tamales” or “Ceviche”, fresh fish prepared with lime. Last but certainly not least you haven’t been to Guanacaste until you have tried the native dessert “Tamal Asado”. Ground corn, sugar, natilla, mixed with cheese, fried then roasted slowly in a wood-fired oven is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The population descends from the native Chorotega and the Spaniards. As societies often do the natives in Guanacaste have taken bits and pieces from both cultures and made them their own including music, folklore, musical instruments such as the bombardino, bullfighting and of course religious events. There are also many farmer’s markets to visit during the day and rich and vibrant fiestas at night. Day or night there won’t be a problem keeping everyone in the crew entertained.

Traveling to Guanacaste just became much more convenient with the opening of a new international airport in Liberia. Tourists can now use many US bases in the south including Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Miami to fly directly to Guanacaste. With all this, diverse and enchanting province offers Guanacaste is the perfect destination for your next vacation.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo has a few unique aspects about it that make the city different from other parts of the country. Since it is on the country’s Pacific Coast, there are never hurricanes, and there is less rain than on the Gulf side of the country. This means that the weather is generally sunny and warm in Tamarindo!

Because of the great weather, Tamarindo Beach is one of the best spots in all of Costa Rica to do water activities such as surfing, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Tamarindo Beach

Just offshore of Tamarindo, there is a coral reef home to many varieties of tropical fish, as well as dolphins, and manta rays. Tamarindo is actually home to some of the best spots in Costa Rica to go snorkeling or scuba diving. Tamarindo vacations are perfect for tourists who want to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest while on vacation, but who don’t want to spend their whole vacation in the colder Monteverde climate.

Tamarino Beach vacations are also perfect for tourists looking to experience as much adventure as they can on their Costa Rica vacation. First of all, the Las Baulas National Park is located just to the north of Tamarindo, and is where giant leatherback turtles lay their eggs. You can actually go on a jungle boat tour and see the turtles laying their eggs in the middle of the night!

In Tamarindo itself, you can also sign up for surf camp, take an eco-tour, or go on an ATV tour through the hills just above Tamarindo. Rent a kayak to explore estuary wildlife, or go on a sailing tour and look for whales, dolphins and turtles. Take a tour later in the day and enjoy a gorgeous Costa Rican sunset from the boat.

Other popular activities in Tamarindo include fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. Tamarindo is a haven for tourists who love to be outdoors, experiencing nature. Pretty much any activity you could want to do, they have it in Tamarindo!

Finally, don’t forget the beach! Tamarindo’s white sand beach and crystal blue waters are warm year-round, making them perfect for surfers, swimmers, and divers alike. Or, just throw down a beach towel and soak up the sun! No matter what time of year it is, it is more than likely to be bright and sunny in Tamarindo Beach, so come on down!

Conchal Beach – Costa Rica

Conchal Beach in Costa Rica is located on the northern Pacific coast of the country. It offers a white shell beach and turquoise waters. The beach is 1.5 kilometers long surrounded by trees offering secluded relaxation for sunbathing, swimming, diving, sport fishing, and snorkeling. There are many golf courses and national parks available for enjoyment near the beach.

Conchal Beach in Costa RicaThere are many resorts located close to Conchal Beach. The Westin Resort and Spa is a five-star resort that provides Bali-style suites with many amenities and pleasures for guests. Villa Buena Onda offers a rustic vacation rental with first-class amenities with an emphasis on Balinese and Mexican architecture. The Villa is a seven-bedroom residence that gives privacy without taking away any amenities. Conchal Hotel provides the guests with high wooden ceilings and a private seating area overlooking the garden and pool. The Conchal Hotel is a two-story rancho building accenting the wooden decor and a personal hammock to enjoy an afternoon siesta.

Golf courses near Conchal Beach offer “Golf on the Wild side” according to the Costa Rican Golf Adventures. Many of the golf courses offer unique and exotic locations that focus on wildlife and native plants. Snorkeling is available on Conchal Beach to give a view of stingrays and tropical fish especially near the cliffs of the beach.

Arenal Volcano is an active volcano since 1968 and is a perfect cone volcano rising 4800 feet above sea level. Visiting the volcano is available by hiking or driving part of the way viewing Lake Arenal along the trip. Lake Arenal is a man-made lake that offers swimming, windsurfing, fishing, and sailing. Arenal lake is known as one of the best windsurfing locations available. The lake provides 12 percent of Costa Rica’s electric energy. Night tours are available to see the glow of the flowing lava. ATV rental tours are offered to explore the beauty Conchal Beach has to offer among the tropical dry forest. Tourists can explore more adventurous tours including deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and zip line tropical forest adventures.

Visitors to Conchal Beach can visit many national parks that offer beauty and adventure. One of the most popular is Palo Verde National Park has twelve different habitats including fresh and saltwater lagoons, swamps, and marshes. Enjoy a two-hour boat ride experiencing the Tempisque River observing the many animals including anteaters, howler and white-faced monkeys, crocodile and iguanas.

Coco Beach – Costa Rica

From the white sand beaches on both shores, the land rises up in forested mountains that host jungle rivers, fish-filled lakes, romantic waterfalls and a plethora of plant and wildlife in natural settings. Costa Rica’s attractions and activities are endless.

Coco Beach in Costa RicaThere are operators throughout the country that offer jungle and eco-tours to a huge variety of natural attractions. Zipline tours allow the visitor to explore the jungle canopy, there are excursions to archeological ruins and river rafting trips through white water rapids with the opportunities to observe caimans or possibly a fleeting jaguar.

While opportunities for recreation abound inland, the vast majority of visitors to Costa Rica take accommodations on the coast and revel in the water sports that the country has to offer. Of all the areas on both the Caribbean and the Pacific sides, Coco Beach in the Guanacaste province is the hub to water lover’s dreams. Coco Beach is the jumping-off place to all the beaches to the north, a place to provision for sea excursions or inland trips and a tropical headquarters to enjoy and relax in.

The hotels at Coco Beach tend to be quaint and range from bed and breakfasts to private villas. Some of the accommodations are ways out of town so a rental car is advised. Although Coco Beach is not known for five-star dining, very good meals are available at decent prices. Seafood is the mainstay and several restaurants serve fresh ocean platters of Mahi-mahi, fried shrimp and lobster, sided with crisp salads and garlic bread. For the party animal, there are plenty of bars, each with its own flavor.

The waters off Coco Beach are a fisherman’s dream. Fishing charters are available for half and full-day trips and the rich sea is alive with marlin, sailfish, dorado, roosterfish, wahoo, and jacks. The scuba diving off Coco Beach is unforgettable and is known for a multitude of big animals. Divers stand a good chance to observe manta rays, eagle rays, huge grouper, white-tip, and bull sharks and the possibility to swim with the gentle, giant whale shark.

Singles, couples and families choose Coco Beach year after year for fun, sun, to fish, dive and to bask in the ambiance of a true paradise on earth.

Playa Flamingo

Flamingo Beach is located in the Guanacaste’s Golden Coast Line (Punta Salinas), 75 km southwest of Liberia City. It is known as one of the top destinations for scuba diving in the world. Flamingo Beach in Costa Rica has become a popular vacation spot for newlyweds.

Flamingo Beach in Costa Rica holds an International Sport Fishing Tournament yearly. Offshore and Inshore fishing is available to everyone (amateurs and professionals are welcome).

Flamingo Beach

Not only is this beach beautiful, but you also have many activities to choose from: sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, jet skiing, surfing, and scuba diving (in Murcielago Island or Catalina Island). And just a few steps away from the shore you will have access to luxurious hotels and resorts with fantastic tropical sceneries that will leave you breathless. Flamingo Beach in Costa Rica is the perfect destination for people who love adventure and relaxation, all in one place.

The best moment to visit this beach is between Dec-April because the average temperature goes around (81° F). The climate of this beach is dry tropical almost all year round. Whether you visit in the spring or winter, the accommodations are affordable.

Scuba diving is one of the favorite water sports. It is basically an underwater expedition that will allow you to experience the wonderful marine habitat of the region. Manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins will be joining you in the adventure. To ensure safety you will be guided by certified scuba instructors. The water temperature is usually 75-85° F. Scuba diving takes place in “Isla Murcielago” or “Isla Catalina” 15-20 minutes away in a boat from the shores of Flamingo Beach.

Sailing is also famous here, especially for couples looking to admire romantic sunsets and spectacular ocean views. In fact “Playa Flamingo” is considered one of the most romantic destinations in Costa Rica.

Without a doubt, this amazing beach brings out the best of the Pacific Ocean. Take a trip to Flamingo Beach in Costa Rica! Won’t regret it!