Must Visit Beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica shares coastlines with the Pacific and Caribbean and has close to 300 of the most stunning beaches in the world. Each beach has its own special atmosphere. Each has its own color of sand from black, brown, or white and has without a doubt the most breathtaking views of tropical sceneries in the Continent. The beach tour guides have something organized games and fun water sports for everyone to enjoy.

1. Manuel Antonio

One of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Costa Rica is a beach called Manuel Antonio and is one of the most popular beaches in the world. The most amazingly unique horseshoe bays, along with eye-catching white sands, and gorgeous blue-green waters, top it off several hilltops that are covered with Jungles and breathtaking waterfalls. The beach has something to do for everyone from diving, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

2. Playa Dominical

2. Playa Dominical is located on the south side of Manuel Antonio National Park and is a favorite among surfers all over the world. Those who don’t like to surf can still enjoy the beauty of the green landscapes and the endless nightlife and the best part the beaches are typically always uncrowded.

Playa Dominical Beach
Playa Dominical Beach, Costa Rica

3. Montezuma beach

Another popular beach in Costa Rica is called Montezuma beach. It is one of the best gathering places for locals and travelers to visit. The beach has boasted tide pools located on the beach and beautiful forest, with amazing waterfalls with some of the most cherished wildlife in the country, that include Capuchin, Crocodiles, and Monkeys of all kinds.

Costa Rica Montezuma beach
Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica

4. Tortuguero beach

Tortuguero beach is another popular beach located in the helm of the Caribbean side and is popular among eco-tourist. Travelers of all kinds have tons to enjoy as they can engage in several tours in the jungles that have everything from fun dugout canoes, guided safaris, and scenic hiking trails. The best part about Tortuguero is it has the top sixteen endangered animal species in Costa Rica and the animals live in Tortuguero National Park. The favorite thing among locals and tourists is one of the best places for sunbathing.

Tortuguero beach
Tortuguero Beach, Costa Rica

5. Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo is next on the list of popular beaches in Costa Rica, from fine dining to coastal amusement parks and popular world-class shops. The reason why people love to come here the most is the natural beauty of the beach, with all its amazing views.

6. Corcovado beach

6. Corcovado beach is known as one of the most unique beaches in Costa Rica and has mind-blowing waters and very dark sands that are covered by shade made by Palms. It’s also the home of Corcovado National Park and has some of the most unique wildlife in Costa Rica. The popular thing among tourists is the amazing boat excursion in “Isla del Cano” (Cano Island) and has dived. Tourists will have the option of being able to examine the island’s ancient stones spheres.

Cano Island
Cano Island, Costa Rica

7. Mal Pais

7. Mal Pais is an important part of the surf culture’s philosophy principles. There are plenty of things to do, you can sign up to watch manta rays, dolphins, and the handfuls of creatures that are an important part of the waters. There is also hiking available, that will take you down to Montezuma waterfalls and that includes a leap, down it or those who like driving tours can take a drive through the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserves.

Mal Pais
Mal Pais Beach, Costa Rica

8. Puerto Viejo

Towards the southern border of Panama, are several amazing beaches that are well-known for being personification and extremely hush part of Caribbean lifestyles. It is a popular camping site and visitors are often woken up by the many sounds of the monkeys. Those who choose to travel down the coast will get to enjoy breathtaking sunrises at the Puerto Viejo. It also has a protected tropical rainforest, coral reefs, beaches, and palm swamps.

Best Beach Holidays in Costa Rica

Pack your bags and head to Costa Rica for the adventure of a lifetime. The beach holidays in Costa Rica are second to none, and if you have been promising to get away with the family or your significant other, now is the time. You can stay in an all-inclusive resort which includes your accommodation, meals, beverages and a few activities or stay in a hotel right on the beach.

Costa Rica beach villa

One of the best places to spend your holidays is in one of the beautiful Costa Rican villas located steps from the sand.

Costa Rica is just north of the equator and has perfect tropical weather all year round. The rainy season runs from May to November and the most popular time to holiday in Costa Rica is during their summer which runs from December to May.

The food is delicious and extremely flavorful. You can expect fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of black beans and rice. Casado is a tradition in Costa Rica and consists of beans and rice and fish, chicken or pork. Salad rounds out the meal. Sometimes fried plantain, white cheese, and corn tortillas are served with salsa on the side.

The beaches in Costa Rica are unparalleled. The warm waters are spread out over two-thirds of the borders so there are plenty of white sandy shores for you to explore. The Nicoya Peninsula features beach cities like Tamarindo, Mal Pais, and Montezuma.

If you are looking for someplace remote to spend your holidays, head to Nicoya. Manuel Antonio is considered to be the most stunning beach in the whole world. The bays shaped like horseshoes are surrounded by soft white sand and exquisite turquoise blue water. The hilltops in the background are dotted with tropical jungles and waterfalls. Visitors can snorkel, kayak, hike, bike, or take the zip line.

Playa Dominical is where the surfers head if they want to hang ten. The left and right breaks will challenge even the most advanced board riders.

If you want to experience the local Rastafarians and traveling bohemians Montezuma is the place to spend your holidays. The quaint little beach has tide pools, waterfalls and monkeys and crocodiles that will keep you and your family entertained.

Sitting on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica is Tortuguero. Book a jungle canal tour, or go on a guided safari. The National Park plays host to some of Costa Rica’s endangered species. Bring your camera and snap manatees, green sea turtles, ocelots, and tapir. If that is not enough, the beaches in Tortuguero are spectacular.

The Osa Peninsula is home to Corcovado which is considered to be one of the most idyllic beaches on the planet. The tall palm trees shade the darkened sand while Corcovado National Park lingers in the background. If you do make it to Corcovado be sure to take a boat trip to Isla del Cano. Enjoy the ride or go diving and explore the mystical stone spheres.

Closer to the Panama border and just south of Limon are quite a few beaches that exude the laid back lifestyle of the Caribbean’s. Pack your sleeping bag and camp in the Cahuita National Park. Down the coast is where you will witness unbelievable sunrises at Puerto Viejo. While you are there you must visit Manzanillo. The protected rainforest has incredible coral reefs and stunning beaches.

Tambor used to be home to the majestic whales that swim in the area, but these days you will find them farther out to sea because of the tourists. Keep your eye out though, because occasionally you may spot one of the largest mammals in the ocean. If you like to snorkel or swim you will not be disappointed. Tambor features mild bay waters that are perfect for moonlight wade in the sea. You can also take a boat from Tambor and head to Tortuga Island which is home to some of the most spectacular beaches that you will ever see.

Costa Rica has something for everyone, and if you have never had the opportunity to visit this spectacular country in Central America you need to start making plans. A holiday in tropical paradise is more affordable than you think. Find out about discount packages and see what they include.

Start planning the trip of a lifetime. Stay in a beautiful Costa Rican villa and enjoy spectacular sun-kissed days and warm and balmy evenings.

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