Explore Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica

Erupted for the first time in 1968 and since then it hasn’t stopped. Almost every 10 minutes a new minor eruption is reported. Both the Volcano and the Arenal Lake are part of the Arenal Volcano National Park. The Volcano works as a natural heater for many hot springs in the surroundings, being the most popular “The Tabacon Hot springs”.

Arenal Volcano located in Costa Rica is one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world. It is a beautiful natural wonder and a spot that anyone visiting Costa Rica should see. Every day this volcano has hot molten rocks running down the slopes and ash columns produced above the crater. It is the smallest but most active volcano in Costa Rica. Many of the hotels in the area have great views of the volcano as it spews lava and ash due to its constant activity. It was formed by a series of eruptions from an older volcano called Chato. The earliest eruptions took place 7,000 years ago.

Volcano Eruptions

The Arenal Volcano is a stratovolcano composed of layers of lava, ashes, and rocks. They are usually symmetrical in shape. The largest eruption occurred in 1978 which blew a large hole in the mountain. It covered several square miles with lava and ash killing approximately 87 people before it subsided. – This is a brief history of the Arenal Volcano.

What can you do at Arenal Volcano?

Enjoy a Canopy tour were with steel cables people are transported from tree to tree taking in the beauty of the rain forest and the volcano. Learn about the diverse plants and animals in this region of Costa Rica while seeing the view from a different perspective. One of the most important wetlands is the National Wildlife Refuge Cano Negro. The lake is freshwater and extends 800 acres. It has many birds and wildlife that are close to becoming extinct. It is a region that features many unusual plants and wildlife species.

Enjoy hot spring resorts fed by rivers with hot water. The river at Tabacon forms natural waterfalls and warm pools to enjoy. This resort has Jacuzzis, artificial pools with different depths of water, water slides, spas, and other natural wonders. It is one of the most-visited spring resorts near the Arenal Volcano. The other attractions near the Arenal Volcano are as beautiful and interesting as the volcano itself.

The Venado cave dates back to about 2 million years ago. They are spectacular formations to see that were formed by the rivers and waters centuries ago. The tour can take up to four hours or more. On a Safari Float, you can observe the wildlife and river from a rubber raft. Some of the wildlife are monkeys, congas, sloths and crocodiles.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano borders an area of the rainforest and others known as cloud forests. The volcano goes through periods of inactivity and is sometimes surrounded by clouds and fog. You cannot climb the volcano it is too dangerous but there are many exciting activities that surround it. Most viewing of the volcano is best done at night which many hotels feature.

Still another activity is White Water Rafting near the Arenal Volcano down the rivers and waterways. Another way to see the volcano is to travel around the lake and enjoy a great view of the volcano on horseback. This is another adventure that is part of the volcano experience in Costa Rica. Hanging bridges and hiking around the volcano offer great views and ways to see the many different landscapes.

Other activities surrounding the Arenal Volcano is Fishing in the Frio River. The season is from September 1 to March 31. The river is great for catching snook, guapote, alligator, and tarpon. Lake Arenal provides great opportunities for freshwater fishing and windsurfing. The Arenal Volcano region of Costa Rica has many exciting activities and beautiful scenery for tourists to enjoy.


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