How to Watch Cavs Game Tonight Live Without Cable

Watch Cavs Game Live Free

No NBA team knows basketball quite like the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans are used to the winning legacy of the Cavaliers. They want to see every game this year, but they don’t want to pay a bundle. Fortunately,  cable is on the way out. There are new services that are less expensive that come with more options for you to get exactly what you want on television and the best of the NBA.

Sling TV Has Superior Streaming (Free Trial)

Fans can cut off cable in its tracks and opt for this lower-cost internet-based streaming service that uses more recent technology. An internet connection brings your favorite television channels to you. All you need is a device that works to pick up the internet stream and display the shows.

Sling TV chooses just the best, most popular television channels and it puts them in an inexpensive base package. You can choose from one of two base packages, the Orange package, and the Blue package. Cleveland fans want to choose the Blue package in most cases because it comes with Fox Sports Ohio. This network plays each and every Cavaliers game, all year long. Entry-level prices are just $25 per month, so this is a great way to see all of the best of the Cavaliers and still get to see other great television, all for one low price. There are more than forty channels in all included in the Blue base package.

The Orange package is slightly less, at only $20 per month, but it might not play every Cavaliers game this year. For that price, you get ESPN and TNT, though, so this combination gives you access to a great deal of Cleveland games as well as games from other NBA teams around the country. Once you’ve got your base package, there are additions that you can choose from. For example, there is a Sports Extra package that gives you even more sports channels for just $5 extra each month. There are other premium packages for people who like movies, and others for news lovers and families with children. You can change your service at any time and Sling TV never makes you sign a contract.

Fox Sports Ohio is a regional network, so you can get this network with your Sling TV subscription, even if you live in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, or certain parts of Indiana. Sling TV also has on-demand options for games that you can’t watch live. The service works on most devices and it’s one of the most compatible services for use on a variety of devices such as smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, and televisions with streaming capabilities.

You can start with a seven-day trial without cost, to see what this new product is about and how it’s changing the way you watch television. There are a few other options for savvy shoppers. T-Mobile customers can claim a hefty discount on Sling TV’s already low prices. If you know that you want at least three months of service, you can sign up for that much at the beginning and you receive a free Roku streaming device for your television or you can ask for a discount on Apple TV instead. With so much content and all these perks, Sling TV has something for everyone.

PlayStation Vue has Other Ways to Stream Television

PlayStation Vue is also in on the new way to watch television, but there are some important differences in its service compared to Sling TV. To use PlayStation Vue, a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console is best, but the service is working to expand to other devices such as smart television with a streaming device. PlayStation Vue puts a large number of channels in the base package, so you get TNT and ESPN automatically when you sign up for this service. This gives you many Cleveland games each year, but not as many as you can get with Sling TV, depending on your package selection, or with NBA League Pass, depending on your location.

Because you get lots of channels right off the bat, PlayStation Vue charges you more to access its programming. In some places, you pay as much as $40 per month just for the base service. Critics say this is too high of a price to compete with Sling TV, especially since Sling TV is easier to take with you to watch on other devices and while you’re away from home. PlayStation Vue also defends itself against critics who say that the interface is dated and not easy to use.

Stream Cavs Game Tonight on NBA League Pass

There are lots of Cleveland Cavaliers fans who don’t live in Ohio and its nearby regions. For those fans, there is NBA League Pass. With NBA League Pass you pay a flat fee for access to all of the NBA, all season long. It’s the NBA itself that put this streaming service together for the most serious fans. Access to all teams is $199.99 per year, and you can never run out of great NBA games to watch with a large library of classics games included in this price.

This isn’t the option for fans in the Ohio area, though, because there are local blackout restrictions. You never see the Cavaliers play if you’re in the Ohio region if this is your service. Fans living in and near Cleveland want to take advantage of other services for this reason. You can watch just one team for a lower annual price, or purchase single games, too, but even these options don’t get you access to local games. The service is technology-friendly and social media is even a way that you can sign in. You should know that playoff games take a while to upload, and you can’t watch them until a few hours after the teams play the game.

NBA League Pass also offers NBA League Pass International for those living outside the United States. This option doesn’t have the same pesky blackout restrictions as American versions of the product, so fans living abroad might be happier than those in the United States with this streaming service. Price points are similar. This streaming service is available for purchase in many countries such as Ireland, Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Watch Cavs Game Live For Free on an OTA Antenna

Even with the switch over to digital television, antennas are still a good way to see a few Cleveland games each year. Powerhouse broadcasters such as ABC and Fox might broadcast NBA games this year over the airways. These broadcasts are free to anyone who cares to pick them up with a television and an antenna. These professional broadcasts are of high quality, even if there’s no price.

If you’re going to use this way to watch the NBA, you have to be schedule savvy, because these networks cater to a large variety of interests and unrelated programming. Use a DVR to record the big game if you want to watch it later. You have to have a good antenna to go this route, and you need to know how to set it all up to find the channels that air the games.

Live Stream Cavs Game Tonight on AT&T TV Now, Apple TV and Hulu

Cavs games are so popular there are several ways to watch them without cable TV. One other way is through AT&T TV Now, Hulu, and Apple TV. AT&T TV Now is similar to Sling in that it transmits live TV over the internet. The monthly price to activate AT&T TV Now is around $35. That includes around 100 channels and a seven-day free trial.

Hulu is an interesting service, and rumors have it that ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC might be part of their streaming catalog. If the big four networks are included as part of the Hulu live streaming service, they will instantly become a top tier service.

Apple TV doesn’t have a live TV service, but they serve as a platform for services like Sling TV, Vue and AT&T TV Now to stream their content by hosting APPS.

TNT Overtime

Even with the great television that TNT offers, they know you want even more. They have extra content that they put on the web with TNT Overtime. Anyone can access this content and they give it to you for free. Many NBA games are on TNT Overtime, but this is not a great way to count on being able to follow your favorite team because selections are limited. They offer more than one camera angle at once, so you can choose where you want to see the action when you watch.

Fans are waiting with bated breath to see if their Cavaliers go all the way this year. They don’t need to worry about whether they can follow the team, though. Modern technology brings you the latest in television at a price you can afford and with choices you love.

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