Wedding & Honeymoon in Dominican Republic

There’s no other place in the world that is as stunning as the Dominican Republic. Moreover, there’s no other place that you can have the most romantic wedding and honeymoon other than this island located in the Caribbean. You can have a traditional wedding with an aisle adorned with laces, silks, and flowers of your choice. The only difference is that the paradisiacal sight of the Dominican Republic sets as your backdrop. Locals can do this every day without any further hassle. As for foreigners wanting to profess their undying love to each other on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, there are some requirements needed to make the matrimony legal.

Wedding & Honeymoon in Dominican Republic

After the wonderful ceremony having the pristine beaches as your altar and the fine white sands as your red carpet, its now time to spend a splendid honeymoon with your special someone. There are several resorts offering honeymoon packages for newlywed couples. There are rooms prepared filled with romantic surprises. Many hotel rooms also have their own Jacuzzi so that the couple may spend their time together privately. You can also arrange a dinner for two in the luxurious restaurants and ask for the help of the hotel staff to give your sweetheart an even more romantic surprise, giving her better reasons to love you even more. For those who wanted a thrilling honeymoon experience, there are scuba diving packages for two. If you are afraid to go exploring the deep water of the Dominican Republic together, you may also opt to ride a boat having a vivid glass bottom so that you can still see and appreciate the beauty that lies under the turquoise blue water of this Caribbean island.

Having your wedding or your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic is a magnificent experience which is second to none; a very romantic moment that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

What You Need to Know

First of all, you must need a valid passport and of course, a return ticket. As for the Canadian, United States and British citizens, it is necessary to bring proof of citizenship. You must also purchase a tourist card at the airport which is worth ten US dollars only. Each must also possess an authentic birth certificate and two photocopies that would be sent to the legal office of the Dominican Republic. Both must present a notarized affidavit of single status and make one photocopy. For those who used to be married, they must have a legal copy of the divorce certificate or death certificate of the former spouse. If you have some friends accompanying you to your wedding as your witnesses, they must also present their passport and a photocopy to the legal office. In case there are no witnesses with you, the hotel or resort will provide them for you. All of your documents, except the ID and the passport, must be translated into Spanish, the local language in the Dominican Republic. Moreover, before arriving at the island, all documents must be first legalized by the consulate of the Dominican Republic.

Wedding honeymoon dominican republic

Hotels & Resorts

The country of the Dominican Republic possesses a rich history after being explored and claimed by the famous Christopher Columbus in 1492. From being a Spanish colony, it was then ceded to France and ruled by Haiti after the year of 1821. The country became independent in 1844 but experienced unstable governance because of the president’s dictatorship that lasted for so many years. Now with Santo Domingo as its largest city that serves as the country’s capital, Dominican Republic has more than 9 million people that rely on the country’s economy such as its tourism.

Hotels & ResortsTourism is a thing that a country could not ignore to improve as it brings revenue every time a tourist visits the country to see its wonders. Because of this, different spots had been developed to accommodate the needs of each guest and make his/her stay enjoyable. Since the country is located within an island, hotels and resorts are everywhere in this country located in the West Indies. These hotels are specially built for the comfort of the country’s guests as they explore other sceneries as far as they can see. Guests may book their stay in one of the top hotels and resorts of the Dominican Republic as it could serve them the best service the staff could render.

As the largest city, one can probably find his/her ideal hotel such as the Hotel Santo Domingo in the country’s capital city, which is a 4-star hotel with 220 fully air-conditioned rooms for its guests. It features room service, pool area, sauna, restaurant, tennis courts, childcare facilities, non-smoking and smoking areas, and valet parking. Staffs are multilingual and could understand other languages known to them. If you want to have the service of a nearby airport, the Clarion Hotel could be one of your choices. You can always spend your time at Barcelo Gran Hotel combined with the amenities of Casino Lino making the hotel a 5-star hotel in Santo Domingo. Some of the services offered in this 5-star hotel are the use of a swimming pool, concierge and transportation services to the airport and also the usual services such as laundry, valet, spa and sauna, fitness center, and 24-hr security under one roof.

The secrecy of the island is now open for the public because of the recent development of resorts in different areas of the Dominican Republic. The latest and hot resort visited by most guests is the Punta Cana which holds about 25,000 rooms for its visitors made in colonial-style architecture. Inclusive deals are offered to every guest who flocked their way to see the scenic site. If you’re a beach activity addict, you’ll surely enjoy your stay on the island of Cabarete as well as nightclubbing in one of the city’s night venues. Other than the country’s capital, some of its popular cities possess a natural beauty too, great for splendid viewing.

You should never miss experiencing the beauty of Boca Chica as this resort is just meters away from the international airport. Feel the luxury that awaits you at Playa Dorada too if you’ve decided to spend some of your time in this resort where almost everything is possible.

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