Guide to St. Lucia Hotels & Lodging

St. Lucia’s Highest Rated Resorts & Hotels

St. Lucia is one of the few islands in the Caribbean which still maintains the delicate balance between having just enough to accommodate the rising tourism industry, without feeling overcrowded with resorts.

Great accommodation options can be found throughout the island of St. Lucia. Nearly all lodgings on St. Lucia line the western coast where the water is calm and the sunsets magnificent. Accommodations vary from palatial resorts with marble bathrooms and four post beds to low-rise buildings with a bevy of more common accoutrements.

Small hotels

Small hotels often offer spa facilities, health clubs, tennis, volleyball, and croquet courts. No hotel is considered complete without at least one sapphire-colored of a swimming pool. Personal instruction packages in scuba diving, massage, and horse-back riding are definite treats to be enjoyed.

However, while the lap of luxury is certainly available to be explored and enjoyed, there are a great number of less posh and pampering-oriented hotels for visitors simply looking for a place to sleep at night. While this number is shrinking – the pull of luxury and all-inclusives is strong – travelers still have plenty of options to enjoy.

The greatest concentration of hotels is in the northwest corner of the island, in the Castries and Gros Islet regions. This is the abode of the large resort hotels for which the Caribbean is famous. Travelers looking for a slower and more relaxed pace would may want to explore the south: Vieux Fort, Laborie, and Choiseul. Lodgings there are few and far between, but this is a good way to skirt the hustle and bustle of the more tourist-oriented north. Soufriere, just above Choiseul in the southwest corner of the island, is touted as a diver’s paradise and the center for anyone seeking excitement and high-adventure.


Guesthouses are a unique way to spend your stay and The Inns of St. Lucia is a trade group made up of guesthouses and small inns. These can house anywhere from three to 70 visitors at a time, depending on which you choose, and can cost around $20(USD) per night. These are a popular style of accommodation for local travelers as well.

Prices are seasonal and vary just as widely as the hotels themselves. They can be high – St. Lucia is a British island, after all – yet a thrifty traveler can usually find a room for $30(USD) to $40(USD) a night. Be aware that the government levies an 18 percent room tax on St. Lucian hotels and this is rarely ever factored into the quoted price of a room. Ask, however, to be sure.

Low-rise resorts

Tucked away in a sandy cove or set on a lush tropical hillside, St Lucia’s many low-rise resorts and charming inns simultaneously have it all as well as a place where you can get away from it all.

The north end of St. Lucia is its most urbanized area with a good number of hotels and resorts centered around the capital city of Castries. This is also home to many of St. Lucia’s large all-inclusive resorts.

The southwest end of the island is more rural and populated by smaller hotels, inns, and rental properties. Soufrière makes an important exception to this rule, and is crowned by the island’s famed volcanoes, the twin Pitons. These provide the region with an adventurous flair that spills over into the character of hotels and resorts which reside there.


Lastly, just north of Soufrière and south of Marigot Bay, in the rural center of the island, is St. Lucia’s one campground Anse la Liberté. Here one will find the cheapest room on St. Lucia, namely a tepee with a packed dirt floor in the middle of a jungle.

Tepees excluded, accommodations in St. Lucia are elegant, sophisticated and refined – solidly in tune with the island’s strong British heritage. Likewise, rates are not the lowest you’re likely to find in the Caribbean. Always inquire about extra fees and applicable taxes that may not have been added onto the quoted rates.

While St. Lucia is not the cheapest island to visit in the Caribbean, you can rest assured you will get your money’s worth at one of their hotels.

Best Hotels in St. Lucia for Family Vacations

The Caribbean attracts vacationers for many reasons, from soaking up the sun on white sand beaches to dancing the night away to the sounds of a steel drum band. Of course, if you’re traveling with the kids, you’ve got to make sure they’re going to enjoy the trip just as much as you are. Fortunately, many resorts and hotels provide fun activities and other services for children. The hotels listed below help make family vacations a breeze.

St. Lucia Hotel Name St. Lucia Location
St. James Club Morgan Bay Resort Gros Islet
Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort Castries
Rex Resorts Papillon St. Lucia Castries
Jalousie Plantation Soufriere
Royal St. Lucian Castries
Rex Resorts St. Lucian Castries
Rex Resorts Royal Castries
Villa Beach Cottages Castries
Bay Gardens Hotel Castries
Marlin Quay Gros Islet
Glencastle Resort Castries
Tuxedo Villas Castries
La Dauphine Estate Soufriere
Sunset Hill Resort & Spa Castries
Ladera Resort Soufriere
Stonefield Estate Villa Resort Castries
Coco Kreole Castries
Rainbow Hotel Castries
Anse Chastanet Resort Soufriere
Caribbean Jewel Beach Resort Castries
Rainbow Hotel Castries
Juliette’s Lodge Vieux-Fort
Cara Suites Castries Castries
Harmony Suites Castries
Hummingbird Beach Resort Soufriere
Sandals Grand St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort Gros Islet

All Inclusive Options in St. Lucia

One of the perks of picking an all-inclusive resort in St. Lucia is that the island is so new to the phenomenon that it offers them in fine-tuned perfection. At the same time, St. Lucia is not so overrun by all-inclusives you can’t get away from their warmly-calculated pampering when you want to.

There are only a handful all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia and, with the notable exceptions of the Coconut Bay in Vieux Fort and the The Jalousie Plantation in Soufriere, all are located at the northwest end of the island, scattered between the urban center of the Castries and its rural neighbor Gros Islet. Most resorts are family-friendly with package variations for couples, singles, and seniors.

While prices may seem high, travelers should take into account all that is included in these packages. Food, lodging, entertainment, and transportation are usually a part of the price of such resorts, and it can be difficult to find a better deal.

There is little these resorts do not offer. Many have multiple in-house restaurants ranging from fine dining with elegant and sophisticated surroundings to informal seafood buffets awash in tropical regalia. In addition to the standard entertainments of tennis, volleyball, guided tours, and horse-back riding; many all-inclusive resorts also offer 18-hole golf courses, sailing lessons, deep-sea fishing excursions, water parks for the kids, swim-up bars for the adults, and pung pools bubbling with volcanic mineral water pumped fresh from the Pitons for those who simply want to feel good.

There are those who argue that staying at an all-inclusive resort can take much of the fun out of exploring a new country. After all, resorts with all meals and activities included make it more expensive to strike out on your own and explore a local restaurant or take a tour on your own.

Coconut Bay Resort and Spa

When traveling to the Caribbean, many guests are usually looking for an adults-only relaxing retreat, or a family-friendly vacation spot. Coconut Bay Resort and Spa has combined both of these desires into one amazing resort experience. The resort has been split up into two sections, named “Harmony” and “Splash.” On the Harmony side, adults enjoy rooms looking out over peaceful scenery, revel in spa services, and relax in ocean side cabanas. Meanwhile, at Splash, families stay in colorful rooms, enjoy days at the on-site water park, play hard at the Kidz Klub, and have strategic family fun at the new paintball facilities. Regardless of what side you choose to stay at, rates begin at $420 (USD).

Jalousie Plantation

The Jalousie Plantation does not actually refer to itself as an all-inclusive resort; however, all of the basics are included. Room rates begin at $240 (USD) per night, with children under that age of 16 staying free in the same room as their parents. This rate includes such complimentary activities as scuba lessons, tennis lessons, use of the fitness center, access to several non-motorized water sports and land sports. There are also daily activities for children, and baby-sitting services (at an additional charge). All though meals are not included in the price of the room, meal plans can be purchased for between $28 and $150 (USD) per day, depending on how many meals you would like to include in your package.


With three of Sandals all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia, guests have their choice of locations and price tags, with packages starting at around $900 (USD) and topping out at around $2,000 (USD) depending on the time and length of your stay. Sandals offers its guests at all resorts fine-dining, luxurious accommodations, championship golf, water sports, personal butler service, taxes, and tips for one price. Sandals is also happy to help you arrange tours of the island with third-party tour groups, but the price of these excursions is not included in your package. The Sandals resorts in St. Lucia are Sandals Grande St. Lucia, Sandals Halcyon Beach, and Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort. Halcyon Beach and Regency St. Lucia are both 3-star resorts, while Grande St. Lucia is rated with four stars.

When it comes to variety, the amazing choice of activities at St. Lucia’s all-inclusive resorts will give you more to do than you will ever have time to enjoy.

Rental Villas in St. Lucia

In St. Lucia, rental properties and villas help travelers cherish the memories.

he rental properties of St. Lucia are classy and immaculate. Even the small, one-room affairs have jalousie windows, airy wrap-around verandas, and sunken pools no more than a stone’s throw from the roaring surf.


St. Lucia is a favorite with wedding planners and it’s easy to see why. Rare are the rustic, bare-bones affairs where you do your own cooking. Maid service is almost always standard. Some even go so far as the mirror the all-inclusive resorts with dive packages, tennis courts, cocktail lounges, and small souvenir shops. However, all of these amenities don’t come without a price.


Rental properties are a unique way to spend a vacation, offering travelers a home away from home. However, St. Lucia’s rental properties are, unlike those on some other islands, not always the most budget-conscious option. While some may offer great savings on long-term stays or larger groups, others may simply provide a touch of elegance.

The daily rates average around $300(USD) for a one-bedroom cottage in the off-season. However, a nine-bedroom rental can set travelers back $1550(USD). No matter where you go, expect to pay from $100 to $150 (USD) per person per night. Demand is high, so always reserve well in advance.


When picking a villa be sure to pay close attention to both the villa and the view from the villa. Is it surrounded by neighbors, alone on the beach, or situated high in the lush greenery amidst the Gros and Petit Pitons, Many villa owners run websites that go into great detail about the property they manage. You should have no problem finding out what it is you are about to rent before getting there.


Because of their size and spaciousness, rentals are particularly good for traveling groups and families, especially those on a longer vacation. Additionally, the autonomy provided can spur some toward a more adventurous vacation, while the kitchen can help travelers save a little bit, sometimes for souvenirs and other spending.

St. Lucia’s rentals are very good when it comes to providing the amenities; however, it is wise not to take anything for granted. Air conditioning comes at a premium. Likewise, maid service does not imply baby-sitting service. Always ask the proprietor what can be done to procure these two essentials for traveling families.

On St. Lucia people are always friendly and more than willing to accommodate your needs.

St. Lucia Camping and eco-tourism

Camping and eco-tourism present new alternatives for travelers hoping to go wild in St. Lucia.

Due to the popularity of St. Lucia’s extravagant and luxurious hotels, only recently has the island opened itself up to camping and eco-tourism. Of course, as is the St. Lucian way, even roughing it is a top-notch experience.

Anse la Liberté

Set in a hillside with its own private cove, Anse la Liberté is a forest preserve owned by the St. Lucia National Trust and run by its Environmental Educational Centre. Anse la Liberté is currently the only place to camp on St. Lucia. Geographically it is set near the fishing town of Canaries, 40 km (25 miles) southwest of the Castries on the west coast of the island.

Anse la Liberté literally translates to”Freedom Harbor,” and if you’re seeking freedom from the predictable, this is the place to pitch your tent. Anse la Liberté provides twelve camping sites and even three tepees for the truly daring. All kinds of water sports, from scuba-diving to kayaking, can be enjoyed from its pristine shoreline. Eight kilometers of hiking trails wind through its jungle enclaves, and staff members are always on call to enlighten travelers to the fine details of the island’s ecology.

Reservations for Anse la Liberté can be made through the National Trust at 758-452-5005. Depending on the season, prices range from $25(USD) to $75(USD), with a small discount for those willing to sleep on the ground. Tents are provided, as well as stone cooking stoves. Anse la Liberté does use pit latrines, though they are said to be fairly clean. Camping equipment is available for rent, but be sure to bring your own mosquito netting and repellent – these two essentials are not cheap.

Camping may not be the first thing to come to mind when St. Lucia is mentioned, but with luscious natural locations like Anse la Liberté, it may soon be.

Final Word

One small but important detail to check when picking a hotel is to be sure it offers either a wide assortment of common electrical appliances, such as hair dryers, or a combination of power sources. St. Lucia runs on 240 volt power, which is incompatible with all American and some European appliances. Older hotels often supply nothing but 240 volts, so be sure to bring an adapter if you’re planning a stay at an older hotel.

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