Explore the Southern Coast of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic South Coast Travel Guide

The Dominican Republic possesses typical tropical-like weather and climate all year round which makes it one of the most ideal Caribbean holiday locations. This means that the climate conditions all over the Dominican Republic are consistently sunny and warm nearly all year round. When God created the world, He showered the Dominican Republic with tons of splendid beaches that never fails to amaze anyone.

The Dominican Southern Coast is where the stunning beaches, several resorts, and hotels lie. There are hotels that would fit your tight budget yet the service is still excellent. Luxurious hotels are also available. Most of these expensive hotels would welcome you with a glass filled with fresh fruit shakes adorned with big medium-sized local flowers or a hole-punched coconut inserted with a straw for that freshest and sweetest coconut juice you’ll ever taste.

Overall the Dominican Republic enjoys a really beautiful climate and tropical weather throughout the year with only slight participation of short bursts of rainy days, few tropical storms and a hurricane every two years. This makes it an ideal holiday destination for those who want to enjoy the sun and the beautiful beaches of the country as well. The ideal weather in the Dominican Republic has made a lot of travelers referring to the weather condition in this country as the “endless summer” due mainly to its ideal and perfectly sunny and warm conditions that can be experienced by travelers all around the country throughout the whole year. Visitors are guaranteed long moments of blue skies and sunshine at all times in this great Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic and are just one of the factors that make this nation an ideal holiday destination.

Barahona Travel Guide

Barahona is a province in the Dominican Republic located on the southern coast of the island. The capital of this province is the Santa Cruz de Barahona. Toussaint L’Overture was the half French – half Haitian General who founded the said area of Dominican Republic in 1802. Fascinated by the features and geographical location of Barahona, he thought it is the best place to have another port aside as an alternative to the busy port of Santo Domingo. The locals of Barahona are very warm and hospitable. They are one of the reasons why tourists enjoy their stay in this province. As of 2000, there are at least 200,000 inhabitants living in Barahona.

BarahonaThe beautiful beaches are commonly found along the coastal highway of Barahona – Enriquillo. The popular beaches include the pebbled San Rafael and the Quemaito. Both have natural pools where the water comes directly from the mountain spring. Another wonderful beach in Barahona is the Paraiso which means paradise in English. The beach truly stands for its name because of its astounding crystalline bay and calm turquoise water. If you are looking for a white-sand beach, then you must visit Cabo Rojo. It is only a kilometer away from another amazing beach in Barahona called the Bahia de las Aguilas.

Ecotourism is also a common activity among locals and tourists here in Barahona. Nature lovers would be delighted to go to the Jaragua National Park. This park that has an area that extends more than 800 miles was named after an Indian chieftain who once lived in Barahona. There are also several beaches that are considered the best in the Caribbean. The small islands of Beata and Alto Velo are also located in this national park. Be charmed by the different species of birds that can be seen at the Oviedo Lagoon inside the Jaragua National Park.

Barahona boasts one of its main attractions which is the Enriquillo Lake. The said lake is the largest lake in the Caribbean. The area covered by the Enriquillo Lake extends up to 105 square miles. It also marks the lowest point in the Caribbean which is forty meters below the sea level. Enriquillo Lake is an enchanting sight but it is not quite hospitable for humans to swim in. It has a very high salt content which makes it look like a lifeless environment. However, the gigantic lake is a habitat for most iguanas, basking crocodiles of America and the pink flamingoes gracefully standing at the waters of the lake. The magnificence of Barahona is definitely second to none.

Boca Chica Travel Guide

One of Dominican’s magnificent natural pools is Boca Chica. It is a place where most tourists and Dominican Republic locals go so that they can get close to the clear waters of the visited yet unspoiled paradise of Boca Chica. Boca Chica is not just an excellent place for sunbathing, building sandcastles and swimming. It is also a place where the whole family can enjoy, relax, eat fresh foods and bond. Moreover, Boca Chica is also a beach in Dominican Republic where thrill-seekers may experience different kinds of water sports.

Boca ChicaBoca Chica is a beach in the Dominican Republic that is near in many different tourist spots and establishments. Boca Chica is also a few minutes away from the internationally acclaimed college school in the Dominican Republic called Las Americas Institute of Technology, also known as ITLA. For those who wanted to experience a beach with wilder water, they may leave the kids and other companions in Boca Chica and my head at the nearby beach called Embassy Beach at Playa Caribe which is only 10 minutes away from Boca Chica.

The beach of Boca Chica is a great place for adults and children. It has a thriving coral life under the clear blue water of the beach. The sand is very fine and colored in white. One hundred yards away from the shore, everybody may swim without the fear of getting drown because the water is still waist-deep. The waves are calm and beneath lies only the soft white sands of the beach. However, during weekends, the beach is crowded with all the residents from the capital city visit Boca Chica for their one-day bonding with their family, friends and loved ones. At night, Boca Chica’s façade turns into a lively evening of music, food, and party. The nightlife in Boca Chica is extremely awesome.

No matter how much is your budget, you can eat the finest food that the beach of Boca Chica could offer. There are different kinds of restaurants that cater to local foods and international foods depending on your budget. Most of the foods served as seafood fresh from the waters of the Dominican Republic. Aside from the restaurants, there are also tons of places in Boca Chica where one can do souvenir shopping. There’s no need to walk around looking for items because the local sellers usually wander Boca Chica to sell some of their merchandise, handcrafted products and alike. They even render hair braiding services while you are comfortably sitting in the white sands of Boca Chica.

Juan Dolio Travel Guide

Juan Dolio is one of the seven regions located on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is thirty minutes away from the east of Santo Domingo and a few miles away from Boca Chica. The region has been a popular tourist destination in the Dominican Republic ever since. But it was only in the late 1980s that real estate developers began building several private and public resorts, private properties, and luxury villas. Most of these newly developed areas in Juan Dolio are inspired by the Caribbean Riviera style. Many investors decided to develop their lands because they have foreseen the potential of the region in the industry of tourism.

Juan DolioOne of the main attractions located in Juan Dolio that the region is proud of is the exquisite golf course called the Metro Country Club’s Los Marlins Golf Course. The brilliant mind behind the design of this golf course is the world-renowned architect named Charles Ankrom. He is known for his unique ideas in developing golf courses. It is made up of 18 holes placed in the most challenging areas to make the play more thrilling. For sure, golfers of all levels would enjoy being the said sport here in Los Marlins Golf Course. Moreover, visitors may get excellent service from the staff of the golf course. They would also be able to get lessons, tutorials, and tips from professional golfers who are willing to teach them a thing or two about the sport. Even non-golf enthusiasts will enjoy accompanying their friends because of the stunning site here is Los Marlins. The design and landscape are created artistically. This is the prime destination for your golfing vacation.

There are many activities that can be done here in Juan Dolio. Tourists may do some horseback riding as well as deep-sea fishing in the beaches of Juan Dolio that extends up to twenty-five kilometers. Scuba diving and snorkeling is also a few of the popular activities that can be done in the region.

Many interesting places in Juan Dolio are best visited during the day. Not only golf fanatics may enjoy the region but baseball aficionado as well. At Campo Las Palmas, baseball lovers would be delighted in watching live baseball games. Campo Las Palmas is also the place where the famous Los Angeles Dodgers usually recruit their new players. For those who wanted to have an adrenaline rush, the racetrack of Go Kart Bahn is located on the highway going to San Pedro. All of the go-karts are for rent would make you feel the thrill of spinning around the racetrack. Ladies would surely appreciate the beauty of the Tropical Plantation which is located on the road of Hato Mayor-Sabana de la Mar. The labyrinth of paths and the green jungle dotted with different beautiful flowers in vivid colors would make you want to be lost so that you can have more time in finding your way again. Juan Dolio is certainly the place to be for that one of a kind holiday.

La Romana Travel Guide

One of the most popular regions of the Dominican Republic is La Romana. La Romana ranked as the third biggest city in the whole island of Dominican Republic. As of 2005, La Romana already has at least 240,000 inhabitants including locals and foreign immigrants. This region is filled with many stunning beaches which makes it a favorite destination for most tourists. That is why in 2002 the La Romana International Airport was opened so that many may easily access the region. Since the airport was opened to the public, the booming tourism in La Romana grew even more since the local resorts may now be reached within several minutes from the airport.

La RomanaLa Romana is not a region with abundant natural tourist destinations. It is also a place where many growing companies and establishments are situated. Most areas in La Romana is owned by a huge company called Central Romana Corporation. Almost one-hundred percent of the La Romana locals are currently employed, usually related to the field of tourism. Other locals are getting their income from the Zonas Francas, also known as the free zone, or from the Central Romana Corporation. Aside from the growing economy, La Romana is also proud of one of its prominent citizens whose name is familiar in the computer world. He is Juan Alberto Cirez, one of the great minds behind the Linux Distro.

One famous site in La Romana is the Altos de Chavon. This is a semi-circled theater made out of stones that are said to be a replica of the Mediterranean village in the 17th century. There are at least five-thousand seats in this amphitheater. Many people gather in Altos de Chavon to watch concerts and other musical performances starring different famous artists in the music industry. Aside from the theater, there are also gift shops, galleries, and restaurants located within Altos de Chavon. The restaurants do not only cater to delectable foods but a great view of the dramatic mountains of Rio Chavon.

Another place in La Romana which is visited by many popular celebrities such as Julio Iglesias or Juan Luis Guerra is the La Marina. There are several stores, apartments, restaurants, and even ice cream shops to quench the thirst from your dry mouth because of the tropical weather in La Romana.

A popular area in the region of La Romana is the Casa de Campo. Many golfers and golf fanatics come here not only to play the sport but to unwind as well. The resort of Casa de Campo is a home for three intensely large golf courses. One of the golf courses in Casa de Campo was coined “Teeth of the Dog”. This particular golf course took the 34th place in the list of traveler’s magazine’s best golf courses in the whole world. There are also exclusive airstrip and polo fields in Casa de Campo. Since 1975, this spectacular resort was built to be the prime tourist destination in all the islands of the Caribbean. Up until now, Casa de Campo is still a favorite vacation spot for many.

San Pedro de Macoris Travel Guide

San Pedro de Macoris is an area situated on the Southern Coast of the Dominican Republic along with the six more divisions in this region of the island. The name of the capital of this province is also the same as the name of the province itself. As of 2002, the total population in the province of San Pedro de Macoris has already reached more than 200,000 inhabitants. The province is also a home for the well-known university called Universidad Central del Este. It is a private university that had been running since 1970. Actually, San Pedro de Macoris was not originally a tourist destination. People from Cuba used to migrate here to avoid the ongoing War of Independence in their native land during the 19th century. The biggest factor that contributes to the economy of San Pedro de Macoris is the sugar cane industry. It was the biggest influence left by the Cubans.

San Pedro de MacorisThe city of San Pedro de Macoris is the home of the popular baseball team that played in the Dominican Winter League. The Dominican Winter League lasts from the month of November up to the month of February the following year. They had a memorable game held at the multi-purpose stadium in San Pedro de Macoris called Estadio Tetelo Vargas. The infamous stadium of the city is usually a host for several baseball matches. The stadium is so huge that it can hold at least eight thousand people inside it. San Pedro de Macoris is also known as the “Cradle of Shortcaps”. Currently, there are now seventy baseball players playing for the Major League Baseball, who was born in the city of San Pedro de Macoris. This includes Tony Fernandez, Sammy Sosa, Robinson Cano, Luis Castillo, and Julio Santana to name a few.

Being a part of the island of the Dominican Republic, San Pedro de Macoris has several beaches that it can be proud of. This includes the stunning beach of Cayacao de Boca Chica, Juan Dolio beach, the Barcelo Capella, Barcelo Taranquela resort, Villas del Mar and more. Another must-see area of San Pedro de Macoris is the old church of San Pedro and the city’s market. At Central Park, there are a lot of vendors selling local snacks called Pastelones en hojas. It is made from banana cooked in plantain leaves, and definitely a one unique that you can only get here in San Pedro de Macoris. A few kilometers outside the town is where the newly made primary school is located. This school is specially built for poor children, usually children of sugar cane workers. It was established in 2001 with the help of kind-hearted Germans, Dutch, and Americans. As of now, there are at least 400 poor students getting an education from primary school. Aside from the school rooms, there are also extra bedrooms so that the guests may have a place to stay in case they want to participate in the school’s activities for a couple of days.

Santo Domingo Travel Guide

Santo Domingo is the biggest and also the capital city of the Dominican Republic. According to the latest census, it has a total population of more than 2,000,000 people and attracts visitors from all over the world all year round. It has a rich history from being the first-ever seat of the Spanish rule in the so-called New World and the oldest inhabited settlement place for European in the Americas a few centuries ago.

Santo DomingoSanto Domingo is situated on the southern central coast of Hispaniola Island, where it connects with the Caribbean Sea. This strategic location of Santo Domingo makes it an ideal location for economic trade, especially during the early colonial period. East of Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s busiest port which is in the Ozama River.

The economy of the city of Santo Domingo has a total GDP rate of about 30 to 45 billion in US dollar and is largely driven by the city’s vast manufacturing and services industry. In recent years the city of Santo Domingo has been gaining great economic improvements and development especially in the urban sector where tall buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, road construction and the increase in every commercial business transaction. These developments in the economic sector of Santo Domingo make it as one of the leading cities in the Caribbean region that offers the best services and an ideal place for business.

Santo Domingo attracts tourists as well with a lot of interesting places, old churches, museums, parks that serves as an ideal place for visitors not to mention a lot of places considered as one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites like the Zona colonial district of Santo Domingo and of course the great city setting and friendly locals. The climate condition is very normal with tropical winds helping the lessening of the heat and December up to the month of January being the coldest months and July until August being the warmest. Same with other cities in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo is also vulnerable to strong and mid powered hurricanes.

Santo Domingo also serves as the center of the Dominican Republic’s national government. The President’s official office and residence, the National Palace are located in Santo Domingo as well as the other leading Government offices like the National Congress.

Santo Domingo is also the city where the country’s leading universities are located; currently, there are about 18 universities that are based in Santo Domingo, the most in any other city in the country of the Dominican Republic. Leading the way is the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo which was established way back in 1538 thus making it the oldest university in Santo Domingo and the rest of the New World. Santo Domingo is also the city with the highest concentration of citizens that have a college degree.

Santo Domingo is an ideal and unique city with charms of its own, the rich history of the Dominican Republic is best represented in this city it is, therefore, one of the more interesting cities in the world.

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