Seasonal Attractions in the Bahamas

The Junkanoo

On Dec 26th (Boxing Day), New Years Day and more recently in June, the City of Nassau celebrates and hosts the largest Junkanoo parade. You might be asking what Junkanoo is. Well, Junkanoo is a large street parade that occurs in many towns across the Bahamas, and even in Miami and Key West, Florida. It is unclear how the original celebration started off or was formed. It is told that when Slavery was still around, the owners would allow the slaves time off around the holidays to spend time with their families. As slavery was banned and the slaves were freed, it is said that all the slaves would continue to gather and celebrate their independence for the day, and depending on what area they lived in would depend on when they would celebrate.

The Junkanoo

Bahamas International Film Festival

BIFF Bahamas International Film Festival is held in December every year. The festival is a great way to see some new up and coming films that is put together by a nonprofit organization. The festivals founder and executive director Leslie Vanderpool take great pleasure in making sure it goes off without a hitch as it has since 2004 when it all began! Today the BIFF has showcased over 600 films and continues to grow every year. So if you are in the Nassau area in December, then you should try and attend viewing and see some amazing.


The Bahamas National Trust Wine and Art Festival

The Bahamas National Trust Wine and Art Festival are held in October. The Bahamians display their best works of art and sample over 50 varieties of wine.

Great Seafood and Heritage Festival

Great Seafood and Heritage Festival is held in October every year at the Arawak Cay Fish Fry. This is a great chance to see the Bahamian culture and get to taste the island’s best seafood all in one place. When else can you try amazing fresh seafood from so many different restaurants in one location? This will be a great time not only to taste the amazing food but to also experience the culture of the local Bahamas! They put on a great show and its something you will never forget. So plan your fall festival now!

Great Seafood and Heritage Festival

The Abaco Christmas Festival

The Abaco Christmas Festival is held in December and features tons of wonderful food and wine tasting. Live entertainment, parades, and firework displays are a frequent thing and colorful artwork is put on display.

Staniel Cay New Years Day Cruising Regatta

Staniel Cay New Years Day Cruising Regatta is a race on New Year’s day in Exuma. Participants can be both local and visiting and the race can get to be one of the best in all of the Bahamas.

Nassau Classic Car Festival

Nassau Classic Car Festival is where tons of classic cars are paraded through Nassau for all to see. This festival takes place in early January.

The Crystal Pro-Am Golf Tournament

The Crystal Pro-Am Golf Tournament takes place in January and is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the Caribbean. 100,000 dollars is awarded to the winner and this tournament is televised almost all over the Caribbean.

Rum Cay Day Festival

Rum Cay Day Festival is held each year in February. It is a cultural festival that is appropriate for all ages. Live entertainment, good food, and family-friendly games are played in this fun-filled festival.

Bahamas Heritage Festival

Bahamas Heritage Festival focuses on the Heritage of the Bahamians. It takes place at the end of April in Nassau. Traditional dance and cultural marvels are displayed during this festival. This festival includes the Great Bahamas Seafood Festival and is not something you would want to miss.

The Island Roots Heritage Festival

The Island Roots Heritage Festival is held in New Plymouth each May. The festival celebrates the island’s roots and includes a parade, live music, and good food. This family-friendly festival is a great place to go watch Bahamians at their best.

The Pineapple Festival

The Pineapple Festival takes place in Eleuthera in June. The island honors the workers in the Pineapple industry and includes a fun-filled pineapple eating contest.

The Conch Festival

The Conch Festival takes place in October to celebrate the countries abundance of Conch. The Bahamas are known for their Conch industry and music, dancing, and Conch cracking contests are held during this festival.

The International Cultural Festival

The International Cultural Festival is held in October and for a week straight the Bahamians celebrate international culture. This festival is held in New Providence and features food, entertainment, and much more.

The Mutton Festival

In November the Mutton Festival takes place to encourage the expansion of goat and sheep farming. Goat races and mutton tasting are a few of the activities performed at his festival.

Bahamas Culinary Classic Food and Wine Festival

Bahamas Culinary Classic Food and Wine Festival takes place in November. Local chefs compete with creative dishes that feature classic Bahamian recipes.

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