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Paradise Island offers some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in the Bahamas! With listings on Bahamas Finder for nearly every category, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our Paradise Island directory. From resorts to all of the best restaurants imaginable our company is guaranteed to offer nothing but the best for all of your vacation needs.

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Whether you are stopping by on a cruise ship or staying at a local hotel, simply looking through our directory will help you find something to do no matter what time of the year you are visiting the island.

Paradise Island Resorts

Resorts in Paradise Island are in abundance. Most offer some of the highest quality Paradise Island experiences for their guests. Most resorts cost between 30 and 800 dollars to book. Paradise Island is known for its high-quality resorts and booking a stay at a resort in Paradise Island has never been easier. Simply look throughout our listings and before you know it you will find the perfect resort in Paradise Island for you. Rates for each resort are subject to change at any time so go to their website or a reliable travel agency to get the perfect price.


  • Atlantis Resort and Casino, One Casino Drive Paradise Island, Bahamas, 1-888-877-7525, www.atlantis.com
  • Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island, located on Paradise Island, 242-363-3500, www.riu.com

Paradise Island All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts in Paradise Island are waiting for your stay. These all-inclusive resorts include everything and are some of the best ways to have a good time in Paradise Island without having to worry about how much you are spending. You get one set price and everything is included. All-inclusive resorts in Paradise Island range from 100 to 800 dollars per night depending on how much is offered by the hotel so make sure you know what your spending limit is. Check out the listings below and find the perfect all-inclusive resort for you and your family. Our all-inclusive resort list for Paradise Island is guaranteed to find you the best all-inclusive resort.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Paradise Island will offer you a selection for almost any taste you are dreaming of. Bahamas Finder is the place to discover the information that’ll make your time in the Bahamas much more fun! All-Inclusive Resorts throughout the city can be limited at times, but we will give you the widest selection advisable. With lots of businesses listed for All-Inclusive Resorts in Paradise Island, you can rest assured that you are going to find the perfect vendor for you. With multiple All-Inclusive Resorts in Paradise Island to make a decision from, it’s arduous to pick just a single one at a time! All-Inclusive Resorts in Paradise Island are in high demand so don’t get caught without any plans, book today! We have the most comprehensive listing of All-Inclusive Resorts for sale within The Bahamas! Bahamas Finder will give you the top All-Inclusive Resorts, no matter which area of Paradise Island you are visiting.

Paradise Island Boat Tours

Boat tours are some of the most popular in Paradise Island. They feature tours to check out some of the most popular celebrity islands, fishing tours, diving tours, and much more. Paradise Island has tons of things to do on the water. Boat tours in Paradise Island are guaranteed to bring fun times to all. Dive in the beautiful coral reefs, fish for exotic animals, and much more. Boat tours vary greatly in cost and depending on what type of activities are included. Paradise Island boat tours are available for all corners of the island. Check out our listings to learn more about going on a Paradise Island boat tour.


Paradise Island Jet Ski Rentals

Many hotels and tour agencies provide jet ski rentals and tours in Paradise Island. Marvel at the beauty of the turquoise Bahamian water while zipping around on a Paradise Island jet ski. Most jet ski rental companies charge between 50 to 100 dollars and offer tours to help those who are inexperienced with driving jet skis. Remember to watch your gas while driving, try to go with friends if it is your first time on a jet ski in Paradise Island, and beware of other traffic for the Bahamian waters are a very busy place to be. Find a close-by jet ski rental company in Paradise Island by searching through the below listings. With tons of places to jet ski, we guarantee that you will find the perfect agency for you.

Paradise Island Party Cruise

Climb aboard some of the hottest party cruises in Paradise Island. All you can eat and all you can drink in most cases, a party cruise is a great way to kick back, relax, and drink your heart out. Paradise Island party cruises are generally 60 bucks per person and discounts are sometimes made for larger groups. Drink, cruise around the beautiful Paradise Island waters and even stop to snorkel in some cases. Party cruises in Paradise Island are some of the greatest times had by people traveling to the Bahamas. We offer full listings of each party cruise in Paradise Island. Simply click around and find a party cruise that will be perfect for you.

Paradise Island History

Paradise Island, formerly known as Hog Island has an area of 685 acres and is located just off the shore of the city of Nassau. The island is known for harboring the massive Atlantis resort which takes up most of the island.

Paradise Island originally was the private estate of the Swedish entrepreneur Axel Wenner-Gren. It was then bought by Huntington Hartford in 1959 and built the Ocean Club, Cafe Martinique, Hurricane Hole, the Golf Course, among other island landmarks.

Hartford met James Crosby and included him as an extra investor after obtaining a gambling license for the island. The two continued to develop the island and built large-scale resorts as well as bridges to the island. Paradise Island was then purchased in the 1980s for 79 million and then sold to Merv Griffin for 400 million. It was last sold for 125 million to the current owner Sol Kerzner.

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