Fun for the Kids in Barbados

Taking the family on a vacation to the Caribbean can be a very exciting event.  Especially if it is the first time your children have ever been to the tropics, they will be dumbfounded by summer weather in the middle of the winter, obsessed and enthralled by the native marine and wildlife, and energized by being in a place of relative freedom, instead of being locked into the routine of school and homework every day.

To be specific, your plans are taking you to the former British colony of Barbados.  You’ve assumed that there will be sufficient activities to keep your kids engaged and busy, but as the trip draws closer, you’re growing curious about certain types of special things to do with your kids, rather than leaning too heavily on the clique activities located with the boundaries of your all-inclusive resort.

In this article, we will give you some killer ideas on how to elevate your child’s Barbados experience from great to exceptional, so that they will be raving about this amazing excursion when they get back to school! Also, to give yourself something worth raving about; be sure to scan online for the best rates on websites such as Travelbag and others.

Jolly Roger Lunch Cruise In Barbados
Jolly Roger Lunch Cruise,  Barbados

Jolly Rogers Lunch Cruise

This family-friendly offering put on by Black Pearl Party Cruises, offers your children the opportunity to spend an afternoon sailing, swimming, and playing in and around their very own pirate ship.   Launch yourself into the water using the rope swing, or allow your kids to force you to walk the plank in a hilarious reversal of roles.  In case you need some adult beverages to ease the stress of having so many kids in one place at a time, the bar is also open to serve rum punch to those of age (please drink responsibly).

Welshman Hall Gully

Welshman Hall Gully

A former cave that opened up to the world above by the collapse of its ceiling many years ago, Welshman Hall Gully is a nature preserve that will pique the interest of the younger botanists/naturalists in your family.  A former extension of a plantation, this reserve contains grapefruit trees (which are rumored to have been synthesized here hundreds of years ago), as well as the rare and valuable spice nutmeg.  As well, countless tropical flowers carpet the area, and former hints of this place’s former life as a cave exist, as stalagmites shoot up from the ground in places.

Atlantis Submarines
Atlantis Submarines, Barbados

Atlantis Submarines

If pirate parties and nature reserves don’t excite your little ones, then certainly a submarine ride will do the trick!  This voyage takes you on a journey to a shipwreck, situated 130 feet below the surface of the Caribbean Sea.  There is informative narration the whole way regarding the history of the shipwreck, as well as the ecology and biology of the coral reefs that this exceptional trip takes you through!

If you were worried that there would be little else to do in Barbados but lie in the sun all day, causing your kids to become bored in the process, we hope that this report has allayed your concerns.  Barbados has a cornucopia of activities to enable your kids to have a trip that they will treasure deeply when they look back at their childhood!

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