Family Friendly Beach Resorts In The Caribbean

The frigid winds of winter have begun blowing, and despite the ensuing holiday season, your spirits are beginning to wear thin as the daylight diminishes more and more with every passing day.  While your kids are enjoying the snow more than you are, you know they would love a warm sunny break from Old Man Winter’s icy clutches, so you have undertaken the steps to begin planning a tropical getaway in the Caribbean after Christmas this year.

From your time spent traveling in certain parts of the world though, you know that certain destinations aren’t appropriate for children due to their creeping seediness, so you’ve been looking for a guide to places where unintended exposure to mature situations is a very low risk to your family.  Fortunately, we have gone to the trouble to put together a list to help solve this dilemma for you, as we have highlighted three destinations where you can rest easy in the sun, comfortable in the assurance that your kids will have an enjoyable but wholesome holiday.

Let’s explore these destinations below…!

Jolly Beach Resort & Spa, Antigua

Consider a vacation on the decadent island of Antigua at Jolly Beach Resort, where an excellent kids program will keep the kids occupied, while you work on your tan.  From learning how to kayak, to going on a scavenger hunt for prizes under the moonlit sky, you’ll have all the time in the world to reconnect with your spouse in the hot tropical sun.  Just spare a thought for the poor house sitter who is stuck shoveling your driveway after the latest heavy snowfall back home!

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

For those with a little bit more money to spend, Atlantis Paradise Island should be where you point your sails on an escape from the bitter cold of February. The mother of all water parks awaits you and your children here, and you will quickly find that it will dominate the majority of the time here at this excellent resort.  They will be over the moon with all the thrills and spills that they will be having, and you and your partner will remember again what it feels like to be young, as you take on the most daring slides that they offer, such as the 120 foot tall Power Tower.  Go on now, before your teenage son calls you a chicken.

Paradisus, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Located on the mainland, but still, on the effervescent Caribbean coast, Paradisus offers the most innovative features that we’ve seen from family resorts recently.  Upon private family check-in, the kids get their own special welcome package which includes walkie-talkies, so parents and their offspring can keep tabs on each other no matter what they are up to.  At the end of the day, the hotel offers a cookie and milk turndown service for your children … only the best in luxury for your young ones here!

Finding a resort that doesn’t expose your kids to reckless spring breakers can be difficult.  With this shortlist of hotels that pay particular attention to the needs of families though, we hope that we have made your vacation planning a much easier task.

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