Best Dive Sites In The Bahamas

Shark Wall In Nassau

About 16 miles south of Nassau there is a spectacular shark diving site that is probably one of the most exciting and anticipated dives The Bahamas has to offer. Stuart Cove offers this dive for around $155 dollars per dive. You get to experience Reef Sharks by the dozens up close and personal with this dive. You are taken to the Shark Wall, a common feeding ground for sharks. Since the sharks there are fed by humans on a regular basis they will flock to the boat and the divers expressing curiosity and coming in close while waiting to be fed. Most excursions do not bring food into play especially with first-time shark divers. There is a dive where you actually get to experience professional shark feeders baiting the sharks. In this dive, you sit with your knees on the floor of the ocean while the feeder feeds the sharks right in front of you. The sharks will come in close enough to touch making this dive, not for the faint of heart.

Dean’s Blue Hole

This dive site will wow anyone from novice to experienced divers. Dean’s blue hole is the largest underwater sinkhole in the world. Extending over 600 feet deep and nearly 60 feet wide. Visibility is generally crystal clear and there is a lack of current making this spot a popular site for those training for free diving. Dean’s blue hole is known to harbor several types of aquatic animals including sea turtles, groupers, and other miscellaneous fish. While people have made it to the bottom of Dean’s hole mixed gasses are required for the journey. Miles of caves and tunnels stretch out from the sides of the hole however many of them are unexplored due to the dangerous depths at which they form. Dean’s blue hole is a very popular site and it is not uncommon to see locals splashing around the hole or snorkeling.

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DC-3 Dive

The DC-3 Dive is a deliberately sunk airplane that was used in the movie “Into The Blue”. The wreckage is scattered all over the bottom of the ocean and you can even find several sunken boats down there as well. The dive is around 50 meters and the dives are generally very clear invisibility. You can see lots of miscellaneous fish as well as coral in nearby areas. It is usually an all-day dive so make sure you’re prepared. The site is also next to a wall that extends to 6,000 feet which you can’t dive in but it is a fun thing to explore.


5 Dollar Reef

This dive is suitable for all levels of experience and is one of the most favored dives in The Bahamas. The site is located just north of Nassau and is about 30 to 40 feet deep. What makes this site so special is the amount of colored coral that are around it as well as the aquatic life. You have a good chance of seeing groups of fish, sea turtles, and even stingrays on this dive. The dive is generally very quick and lots of fun if you like seeing coral and wildlife.


Bimini Road

This formation of rocks is popular mainly due to the controversy surrounding it. The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would be found in Bimini between 1967 to 1969 and sure enough in 1968 a pilot spotted what is now referred to as the Bimini road. The Bimini Road is a half a mile straight pattern of flat rocks that lay on the ocean floor. They look strangely man-made however, there is no evidence that yet proves that man had anything to do with their formation.


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