Bahamas Attractions

There are hundreds of attractions and things to do in the Bahamas. Nearly every waking second there is something going on. Our website makes sure you can find these seasonal and ongoing attractions so your trip to the Bahamas never gets boring! From sightseeing to cultural festivities to high-quality casinos, there is always something for going on in the Bahamas. Look through a few of the more popular attractions below and decide what you should do while spending most of your time in the Bahamas.

The Straw Market

The straw market is a very popular tourist destination. It features hundreds of vendors that all sell authentic Bahamian sculptures, hats, purses, clothing, and much more. It is located right near downtown Nassau and is extremely easy to get to. The straw market is a place to barter and pick up a few authentic Bahamian trinkets. The straw market is the local culture at its best and is a must-see region of Nassau if you are going to the Bahamas. Click below to read more about the straw market.

The Straw Market

Seasonal Events

The Bahamians love festivals and festivities. Depending on what time of the year you head to the Bahamas you could witness some traditional Bahamian festivals including the Junkanoo and the Bahamian International Film Festival. The Junkanoo is held every year and is a great way to see Bahamians celebrate in some of the most colorful and intense ways possible. Click below to read about a ton more festivals that could be going on during your trip to the Bahamas.

The Junkanoo


Church and religion are very important to the Bahamians. Going to a service or even traveling around to see some of the older churches is a great way to experience true Bahamian culture. The Bahamas is full of architectural marvels that feature some of the most in-depth religious centers ever. Taking a look at these churches is definitely recommended and you can read a full list of them below.


Bahamas Forts

Forts were a very important part of Bahamian history. They were originally built as protection and served to cast off the Spanish, pirates, and much more. They still stand as landmarks among Bahamian towns and government areas. Most are still open to the general public and if you would like to go see a great part of Bahamian history click the below links to learn more.



The Bahamas has four casinos that are open to tourists only since gambling is illegal to residents. They all give the feel of Las Vegas in a very tropical setting. If you love to gamble visiting one of the casinos in the Bahamas is recommended. They feature all state of the art gambling machinery and lots of table and slot games you are sure to love.


Bahamas Sightseeing

There are hundreds of sightseeing activities to do in the Bahamas. Visit old pirate hideouts and experience true Bahamian culture by reading this list we have come up with. There is always something for you to do in the Bahamas so don’t miss your chance to read out list of attractions and sightseeing adventures by clicking the below link.

Black Beards Tower


The Bahamas are full of museums that depict the countries past. If you would like to witness first hand Bahamian culture visit a few of the most popular Museums in the Bahamas. The Bahamas has museums that range from art to history to culture, just pay the entrance fee and enjoy the Bahamian museums just like you would at any other place in the world. Click below to learn more about museums in the Bahamas.


National Parks

The Bahamas has several national parks that are a must-see for anyone who loves the outdoors. We offer a huge list of National parks that are sure to inspire you to get out there and enjoy the outdoors in the Bahamas. Each island has a number of different National Parks, simply click the link below to find a list of each island’s national parks.


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