Barbados Attractions

Barbados brings in thousands of tourists each year with its exciting attractions. Tourists from all over the world are drawn to the island of Barbados. This Caribbean paradise is especially popular for its 70-plus square miles of pristine sugar-sand beaches.

Barbados Beaches

Each of Barbados’ coasts features unique and picturesque beach scenery, and each beach varies in atmosphere, from happening hot spots dotted with sunbathing tourists, to more secluded beach front property, perfect for a private romantic rendezvous. Travelers have a number of choices when it comes to deciding which beaches to visit on Barbados. You may want to keep in mind the different coastal features of the island’s ocean fronts. The east and north coasts are on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island, and the waters tend to be a little rougher than the sea on the south and west sides.

You will discover a large selection of beaches to consider on the island. Whether you enjoy people watching, or you prefer a more secluded spot, you can find what you want. Just click on the name of the beach for more detail concerning that individual beach.

Mahogany Bay

The beach is situated on the west coast of the island and benefits from its calm waters. To the south of the beach are a series of restaurants and bars, most notable The Cliff, while the Paynes Bay Beach lies to the north.

Paynes Bay Beach

Another place to consider is Paynes Bay Beach. The beach is accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians. Drivers should pay attention to signage on Highway 1.

Welches Beach

For the most part, the waters at Welches Beach are very calm, though when the weather is bath the waves can be rough. There are no lifeguards on duty, and visitors should swim with caution even when all seems well.

Barbados Landmarks

The amount of important sites laid out across the terrain of Barbados make it difficult for visitors get through them all in one go, but many make a solid effort. Military history can be explored by visiting a collection of signal stations that used smoke signals to transmit messages across long distances, or National Heroes Square, which is a memorial honoring war heroes. Plantations, rum and sugar mills, historic buildings, and lighthouses all provide a glimpse into the history of the island.

Sunbury Plantation House & Museum

St. Philip Parish, Barbados

A common landmark for vacationers is Sunbury Plantation House & Museum. It is located in St. Philip Parish, Barbados. The Sunbury Plantation House is over 300 years old and was the home of a very early settler on the island. The house changed owners many times.

With a restaurant, guided tours and gorgeous grounds and interior, this giant plantation house is worth visiting if the history of Barbados interests you. Exhibits include Victorian women’s under garments, portraits of historic figures, and a playpen filled with dolls that are nearly two centuries old. Rentals are available for private functions.

Cricket Legends Museum

Fontabelle Road, Bridgetown, Barbados

Many travelers also choose to visit Cricket Legends Museum. It is Bridgetown, in southwestern Barbados. One of the many things the British have brought to the island of Barbados is the love of the game Cricket. This museum is the ultimate memorial to the game on Barbados, with their legends and memories featured in exhibits.

The museum space at Cricket Legends Museum is filled with memorabilia that dates back to the early 1990s. Autographed bats, uniforms worn in championship games, and, the museum’s prized possession, the ball bowled by Wes Hall in the first hat-trick by a West Indian, are all on display here.

Set inside the beautiful and historic Herbert House, the Cricket Legends Museum makes the most of the space with several different designated displays. This includes the Legends Room, the Museum Gallery, and an event space. Most of the memorabilia is located within a brightly lit room painted with blue walls. The facility is spacious and kept clean, making it appear new every time you walk in.

Barbados Concorde Experience

St. Philip Parish, Barbados

The Concorde Experience is a chance to learn about the amazing technology that made Concorde flights possible. You then get to check one out for yourself.

Guests are invited on the British Airways Concorde G-BOAE (also known as Alpha Echo), where they can experience simulated flights aboard the aircraft. Inside the museum, guests will learn all about how these popular Concorde planes differ from regular airplanes and how flight has evolved through the ages.

Natural Barbados Attractions

One thing Barbados has in abundance is public botanical gardens. Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., there are five gardens open for tourists who like to be in the presence of beautiful flowers, ferns, and even rock formations. Monkeys and lizards can also often be seen roaming the gardens. Underground caves and national parks and reserves also offer breathtaking opportunities to learn about nature on the island.

Folkstone Marine Park

Highway 1 , Holetown, Barbados

Folkstone Marine Park is one of the outdoor attractions that’s popular with visitors. A popular site for watersports enthusiasts, Folkstone Marine Park features calm waters on the surface, and an artificial reef created by a sunken ship below.

Learn about the marine flora and fauna of the area and then enjoy a snorkeling expedition on an artificial reef formed by a sunken ship. Check out aquariums full of rare sea creatures and then enjoy the park’s recreational area featuring tennis courts, picnic areas, a snack stand to get refreshed and snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is another local attraction that provides a nice way to spend some time outdoors. Naturally made caves have a certain air of mystery, and are certainly fascinating. Harrison’s Cave is one such attraction. A crystallized limestone cavern equipped with a river and even a waterfall makes up the beauty of Harrison’s Cave. The Tram Tour into Harrison’s Cave takes you through the caves taverns and past beautiful clear streams and waterfalls aboard the tram. The tour lasts approximately one hour and is available all day between the hours of 8:45 a.m. and 3:45 p.m.

Guests who would rather explore the cave on foot can opt for the Walk-In Cave Tour. The tour lasts for about 90 minutes and is only available on Saturday afternoons.

Barbados Casinos

Ready for some action? Vacationers hoping to test their luck on the slots will find several alternatives on the island.

Las Vegas Barbados is Holetown, in western Barbados. Las Vegas Barbados is a place where you can either watch the game, or play one

If you like to play the slots, you might try D’Fast Lime Arcade. Located inside a small building marked by a glowing neon bar sign is D’Fast Lime Casino. The casino is open 24 hours a day for slot machine gambling, so guests can find out how lucky they are any time of the day or night.

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