Cape Coral Attractions For Teens

Attractions in Cape Coral – Especially For Teens

Planning a temporary escape to Cape Coral’s sunshine? Dream of moving to paradise? If you are looking for sunshine and palm trees and boating and “Ah!” this is the place for you. It is the perfect tropical setting for fun, water and sun.

We’ve explored and experienced Cape Coral, Florida as visitors and residents. This website is a vacation guide compiled from our own experiences and the input of our guests. If you are coming to Cape Coral for the first time or the tenth, there’s something here for you.

Here are some Cape Coral attractions for your teenagers during your visit to Cape Coral. I checked with my favorite Cape Coral babysitter, who is 17 years old, for specific recommendations.

Ft. Myers Beach

For shopping, parasailing, jet ski rental and (specifically) the ice cream shop at the pier.

Mike Greenwell’s, Cape Coral

For miniature golf (I personally prefer Jungle Golf in Ft. Myers, but it has a more childish theme). Greenwell’s also has go-carts, paint ball, a batter’s cage and an indoor arcade. I take my younger children here for the go-carts and paint ball but have never been impressed with the arcade.

Edison Mall, Ft. Myers

If you are from a shopping Mecca – you won’t be impressed with this mall – however, it is where the local teens hang out and there is a new restaurant there called the “Elephant Bar” that they enjoy.


There are theaters in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers where your family with teens can got to see the latest shows. A couple of theater suggestions are the Cape Coral Coralwood 10 Marquee Theater on Del Prado and the Regal Bell Tower 20 in Ft. Myers. DO NOT try the Beach Theater on Ft. Myers Beach that promotes itself as serving dinner at tables in the theater – it is annoying rather than fun.


Fossil Expedition

I had one guest rave about a Fossil Expedition they did in the area with their teenagers. Sounded so fun we took our boys when they were 8 & 9 and they loved it, too. They found alligator bones and shark’s teeth – everyone came home with a fossil that they had personally excavated. It is a full day as you have to drive over an hour to Alva northeast of Cape Coral (which is their meeting spot) and then on to the actual dig site (they have different locations they go to). You have to make arrangements with them well in advance and bring tennis shoes/hiking boots you don’t mind getting scuffed and muddy. Take lots of water and sunscreen.

Ding Darling preserve

If your family likes biking or hiking, our friends with teenage daughters introduced us to the Ding Darling preserve on Sanibel. It’s a great place to see live alligators and native birds. You can drive through the park, but then you mainly see birds. It isn’t a difficult bike ride; my young boys do it with us easily. The preserve rents the bikes to you right there. The last time we went we saw four alligators just off the trail. Very cool, if you are into that sort of thing.

SunSplash Water Park

And, finally, SunSplash Water Park. No discussion of Cape Coral attractions seems to be complete without mention of this local water park. It is a delightful, family friendly community park. It’s good for a day’s entertainment – but it is not an Orlando style theme park that you will want to visit again and again. Note: it is only open during the summer months when they have a labor force of students available to staff their pools and slides.

Boat Rental Cape Coral – Cabbage Key

Cabbage Key is home to the Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant and is a popular destination for those with a boat rental Cape Coral. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it is your only area option for dining out if you are visiting Cayo Costa.

Cabbage Key is a small, peaceful island with no beaches but beautiful, tropical trees. Originally inhabited by the Caloosa Indians, in 1938 Alan Rinehart built his winter home there in old Florida style. This home has become the Cabbage Key Inn. It is said that Mr. Rinehart’s mother, the author Mary Roberts Rinehart, penned some of her famous mysteries there. (I had never heard of this author – but did recognize the famous phrase she penned – “The butler did it.”)

My boys thought the nature walk was fun and the climb to the top of the water tower an adventure. They were also enchanted by the many ducks they encountered. The dollar bills decorating the walls of the restaurant amused them, too.

Final Word

I would love to hear about your best experiences, your most interesting information on Cape Coral, your top Cape Coral travel tips… anything about Cape Coral that you’d love to share. If you’ve been to Cape Coral and adore it as much as we do, please share your travel stories with us! I’d love to try them on our next vacation and I’m sure others who visit this site will thank you, too!

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