Can Cord-Cutting Beat Cable Bundle?

Cord-Cutting Replacements for Cable Bundles

In this post, we are going to walk you through how to overcome bundle prices, and cut the cord! Many cable companies keep customers by offering bundles. By bundling Internet, Cable, and Phone, the companies are able to give a good discount. For example, I just looked up “cable internet and phone packages” on google, clicked on the top non-advertised result, which was Xfinity’s website. For example, the cheapest bundle for the zip code 27601 with Internet, Cable TV, and Phone costs $90 a month,  which admittedly is a good price for all 3.

But doing a bit more digging, it comes with a 24-month contract and doesn’t include DVR, and the internet speed cited says “Up to 75 Mbps“. So that means that if you got 10 Mbps, they are technically keeping their contract. Then lastly, you know after the 2 years are up, the price will skyrocket. But ignoring all that, that will be the comparison price we will use. If you know your monthly bill for your bundle, please use that instead.

Step 1: Find the internet-only price

For example on the same Xfinity site, I went and checked the cheapest internet offer in my area, which was $30 for up to 25 Mbps.  Now I doubt that this internet will give you 25 Mbps because of the “up to”. But my guess is it will be something more like 15 Mbps. But that is still plenty fast because to be able to stream HD you need 6 Mbps. So that is $30 a month.

Step 2: Get a magicJack: VoIP Phone Service

A Magic Jack allows you to switch your home phone to a phone that uses wifi for calling. It allows you to keep your number and has caller id. It is super easy to use, and the initial cost for one is $35, which includes 12 months of service! After the first year, it is $30 a year after that. So lets round that up to $3 a month. So now our costs are up to $33 a month.

Step 3: Best TV streaming services for cord-cutters

I won’t tell you which service to get, or which device. But I will tell you the process, and what I did. First, take our survey and put it in the channels you want. For me, the only reason I watch TV is for sports. I get my news from my social media pages, and I get my entertainment from mooching off my dad’s Netflix account. But to be safe, we will add $10 a month for Netflix, in case you don’t already have it and want it.

I especially love tennis, so I checked Tennis Channel for my tennis needs, and ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 for all other sporting needs.

The cheapest option for me that came up was Youtube TV. I then just clicked on the “Get It Button” and signed up for a free trial. Youtube TV is $35 a month. So that plus Netflix is now $45 a month, for streaming services. Add the $33 for phone and internet for a total of $78 a month. That is still 12 cheaper a month than the bundle, which means a savings of $144 a year. Now odds are you are paying more than $90 a month, already have Netflix, and so the savings could be much greater.

Now depending on the service that has your channels,  you may be able to get a free streaming device. For example, AT&T TV Now offers a free Roku Streaming Stick with 1 month of prepaid service or a free Apple TV with 4 months of prepaid service. Sling offers a free Roku Express with 2 months of prepaid service, and a free Amazon Fire TV Stick with 2 months of prepaid service. If your service doesn’t have a free device promotion, then there will be a one time cost of getting streaming devices for your TV. I already owned a Chromecast, so I didn’t need to buy one for my Youtube TV.  The hard thing is not every device works with every service. So after figuring out your service, find a compatible device using this chart:

Device and Service Compatibility Chart

Sling PlayStation Vue AT&T TV Now Fubo TV YouTube TV Hulu TV
Roku Y Y Y Y N Y
Playstation 3 N Y N N N N
Playstation 4 N Y N N N N
Xbox One Y N N N Y Y
Apple TV Y Y Y Y N Y
Amazon Fire TV Y Y Y Y N Y
iPhone and iPad Y Y Y Y Y Y
Android phone or tablet Y Y Y Y Y Y
Windows or Mac computer Y Y Y Y Y Y
Google Chromecast Y Y Y Y Y Y

Once you get your device and your service. You are ready to try out a cord-free life. If you like it, then you have the last step left to do.

Step 4: Cancel your bundle

If you are near the end of your contract, look around for the best deals for internet, and pick the one that fits your needs, your cancellation fee should be minimal compared to the savings from the best deal you can find. If you are near the beginning of your contract, on the other hand, don’t let that stop you from calling. You just need to pick up your $3 a month phone and call the number below that has your provider. I would fight hard to not have a cancellation fee by saying you will keep them as an internet-only provider if they don’t charge you the fee. But promise to switch to someone else if they do charge you. I would look up a competition website to find out how much their internet prices and name them and the price. This way they know you are not faking.

Cancellation numbers for cable and satellite providers:

  • DIRECTV: 1-800-531-5000
  • TWC: 1-800-892-4357
  • Dish 1-888-283-2309
  • Fiber:  Residential: (866) 777-7550
  • Small Business: (855) 418-8326
  • Xfinity: 1-800-COMCAST
  • Verizon:  1-800-922-0204
  • Cox: 1-800-234-3993
  • AT&T  800-288-2020

Once that call is finished, you can start enjoying a cord-free life! A life where you aren’t tied down by contracts, don’t have to talk to someone to cancel a subscription, and still get everything you had before! Let me know how it goes in a comment below!

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