Touring Sonoma County, California

Top Tours in Sonoma County, CA

If you’re tired of the daily grind and dream of relaxing days spent sipping wine and looking out over beautiful vistas, get yourself to Sonoma County, CA! The Sonoma Wine Country is one of California’s most exciting areas to tour. There are plenty of ways you can see the Sonoma area, but if you really want to get the best deals out there, check into one of the many different types of tours that operate in the area.

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Bike Tours of Sonoma County

A bike tour of Sonoma County allows you to experience the entire country in a way you just can’t in a car. There are a number of one-day self-guided tours that send you biking all over Sonoma County, stopping off at wineries and local points of interest. Of course, if you want a guide on your tour, there are several guided bike tours available, and, if you plan on staying at local inns or bed and breakfasts in Sonoma County, you may be able to opt for a multi-day bike tour. On these trips, you’ll get to visit a number of different wineries, sample some very nice wines, and spend much of the day outdoors in California’s beautiful weather. In addition to experiencing the great outdoors, you’ll also get in a day of exercising – which can be very helpful after a day of good food and wine!

  • Sonoma Valley Bike Tours & Rentals (707) 996-2453
  • Ace It Bike Tours (707) 687-5152
  • Bike Healdsburg Party Bike Tours (707) 385-1477

Sonoma County Limo Tours

Of course, if you don’t want to spend all day biking up and down the paths of Sonoma County, you can hire a private limousine to drive you around. Some of these limos are very luxurious and roomy, giving you plenty of space to invite friends along. If you rent your own limo, you’ll be able to choose which of the many different wineries to visit and change your schedule throughout the day if you decide you’d rather detour to the cute little winery you just passed.

  • Beau Wine Tours & Limousine Service (707) 938-8001
  • Platypus Wine Tours in Sonoma (707) 938-8830
  • Grape Escapes Limousine (707) 494-7736

Van Tours of Sonoma County

If you’d rather not go all-out and rent a limo, you can take a van tour, which is typically organized by local hotels and inns. These guided tours typically take about six hours and will visit a number of different wineries. In some cases, you’re free to customize your itinerary, and you’ll usually get a picnic lunch in addition to your tour. These tours range in accommodations from six to twelve people – they’re kept intentionally small so as to provide an intimate experience for participants. Most of these tours start at around $75 a person, making them great, affordable options for seeing Sonoma County.

Van Tours of Sonoma County

  • Sonoma Food Tour (707) 939-5849
  • Happy Travelers Tours (707) 386-9859
  • Grapeline Wine Tours (951) 693-5755

Sonoma County Hiking Tour

Would you rather hike? If so, there are a couple of different walking tour options throughout Sonoma County. If you don’t want to go walking all over the country, you can take a walking tour of the Mission and Sonoma Square. If, on the other hand, you don’t mind walking all over the area, you can hike from inn to inn, stopping along the way to sample wines and enjoy the beautiful sights. These tours are all self-guided, of course, and you can book as many days as you’d like. In some cases, you can book these hiking tours through agencies that will ensure that all of your luggage is transported ahead of you – all you have to haul around are you hiking necessities.

Final Word

Of course, you can always simply drive around Sonoma County on your own or by following a tour brochure. If you’ve just flown in, rental cars can get you from winery to winery as well as any of the methods described above. No matter what you choose, though, you’re in for a great weekend – or longer – of tasting great wines and exploring beautiful Sonoma County, CA.

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