San Francisco Chinatown

3 Best San Francisco Chinatown Walking Tours

Uncover the secrets of Chinatown on a walking tour where you are immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic San Francisco neighborhood. Sure, you can wander on your own but there’s a lot of hidden landmarks & history in this tiny patch of the city that you’re not likely to find.

Join a guided walking tour to discover the best of Chinatown’s popular and hidden delights. Opt for the Classic Chinatown Walking Tour, the Ghost Walking Tour, or (our favorite) the Gourmet Extravaganza. Learn the relevance of the temples, alleys, statues & squares. Visit some of the oldest restaurants in SF and sample Chinese specialties.

Classic Chinatown Walking Tour

Chinese culture has been preserved and celebrated in the last century and a half.

Navigate a maze of icons, admire Chinese decorations, see pagoda-style buildings and browse herbal pharmacies to learn about the ancient healing powers of ginseng root, pearl pills and gecko lizards.

ChinaTown San Francisco Walking Tour

Next, continue down Stockton Street to outdoor markets selling fresh and exotic foods. Visit an authentic Buddhist temple, see altars with red lanterns, gold antiques and incense-filled urns. Visit a Chinese language school to discover how local Chinese families keep their language and cultural traditions alive.

At Waverly Place, your guide will lead you through Chinatown’s most fascinating alley — temples, secret clubs & societies. Sample fortune cookies at the factory where they’re made, or upgrade your walking tour to include a 10-course dim sum lunch hosted at one of Chinatown’s most popular restaurants. The tour ends back at St Mary’s, where you’re given a list of recommended insider locations to continue your exploration.

Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour

Explore ancient Chinese mythology and folklore. On this spirited walking tour, learn the tales of Chinatown’s supernatural past and present.

The local guides of this supernatural walking tour have been fascinated with Chinese culture and its ties to ancient beliefs. With your guides at your side, immerse yourself in the mysticism of SF’s Chinatown. Wander down dimly lit streets, see former gambling dens, locations of previous riots, a Taoist temple, Asian food markets, and the famous fortune cookie factory.

Walking Tour ChinaTown San Francisco

Some say that ghosts from Chinatown’s history only emerge after twilight. Follow by lamplight as you travel through secret passageways where lively spirits are said to bide their time. This spirited walking tour will keep you on edge!

Walking Food Tour of Chinatown

Take a delicious wander through Chinatown and taste all the delicacies that are often not obvious to casual visitors.

Follow your guide through the labyrinth of alleyways of SF’s most mysterious neighborhood, and sample authentic culinary treats.

Walking Food Tour of Chinatown

You visit historic restaurants, bakeries, and tea houses to taste savory and sweet dumplings, pork buns & freshly baked fortune cookies. At New Woey Loy Goey, a traditional restaurant, sample traditional Chinese fare like Mongolian beef & braised taro with Chinese bacon.

You also visit Sam Wo, one of the oldest restaurants, to sample beef chow mein, chow fun noodles, and to see where Allen Ginsberg went to eat after the historic Howl reading in 1955. You get an insider-peeks into one of the most delicious neighborhoods of SF.


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