Peters Canyon Regional Park, Orange County CA

Peters Canyon Regional Park is represented by 354 acres of riparian grassland habitats and freshwater marsh. The upper strata of the Peters Canyon Reservoir house several waterfowls of migratory and resident origins. The lake itself is lined with Sycamores, Willows, and black cottonwoods.

An array of trails and graded roads offer enchanting opportunities for mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians. For a panoramic view, you can head for the East Ridge view and its surroundings. If you take to the Lake View Trail, you will be enjoying the beauty of the Upper strata of the Peters Canyon reservoir when on Anaheim travel. The Nature Trail at the Peters Canyon Creek will be of particular interest to hikers for its lush willow groves and black cottonwoods of the rare species with a running creek supporting it.

Peters Canyon Regional Park Anaheim
Peters Canyon Regional Park, Anaheim CA

In the lower trail of the Peters Canyon Regional Park, you will encounter the coastal sage scrub, grassland, and riparian habitats to the accompaniment of eucalyptus groves.

Peters Canyon Regional Park also holds an abundant wildlife population. Bobcats, mule deer, opossums, coyotes, raccoons are your common hosts while a mountain lion will make an appearance when it pleases. Your eyes can also enjoy a feast of other reptiles and mammals while being around at the Peters Canyon Regional Park.

The grassland communities and the coastal sage scrub is populated by gnatcatchers, cactus wrens, and the Rufous-crowned sparrows. Peters Canyon Regional Park abounds with eucalyptus groves and the red-shouldered red tail hawks patrol the skies regularly for their share of the unwary prey.

Generally, the park is open to visitors from 7 am till sunset every day. However, heavy rains or other hazardous conditions can cause the closure of the park for as much as three days in a row. When you intend to visit this great leisure spot, do check out on the status obtaining at that time.

Peters Canyon Regional Park Address
8548 E. Canyon View Ave.
Orange, CA 92869

Tel: (714)973-6611 or (714)973-6612
Email: N/A

Peters Canyon Regional Park Hours:
Open Daily: 7 a.m. – sunset, 7 days a week.
Closed for three days following rain and/or hazardous conditions.

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