Visit the Incredible Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove

The Crystal Cathedral has the largest glass building in the world. It was built by Robert Schuller in the year 1980. The first drive-in church present in the garden grove is just a couple of miles away from Disneyland. Each Sunday the live service in the church is being telecasted across the nation with the name “The hour of power”. It is very often visited by Hollywood stars. Inside the church there is a giant television screen. There are 3000 seats available for the worshippers and the service can be even watched from the car parking lot. During every Sunday childcare service is organized.

Crystal Cathedral, now “Christ Cathedral” is an American church building of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, located in Garden Grove, California.

The Cathedral’s visitor center

Musical backdrop for the event is provided by the London Symphony Orchestra (pre-recorded) Live performances are rendered by child and adult soloists. The pipe organ of the Cathedral is famous around the globe and the glorious sounds from the several hundred pipes fill the cathedral during the event. Good seating can be ensured through advance reservations. The tickets to the event are priced around $30.

The Crystal Cathedral, Anaheim also offers several socially beneficial programs like crisis intervention and counseling.

The Cathedral has run into serious financial difficulties in recent times and you should check back for exact event schedules when you plan a trip to Anaheim. Tickets to special events at the Cathedral can be sourced through the Cathedral’s online gift store.

Wedding Information at the Crystal Cathedral

As one of the most spectacular wedding settings in Southern California, the Crystal Cathedral has gained a worldwide reputation as a holy land for a wedding ceremony. A romantic wedding experience at the Crystal Cathedral will be unforgettable in one’s lifetime.

There are four major ceremony venues here.

The Crystal Cathedral

Designed by Philip Johnson, the famous architect, the Crystal Cathedral has been regarded as one of the greatest architectural wonders in the world. The Crystal Cathedral looks like a four-pointed crystal star with 10000 shimmering panes of glass. When a celebration is held in this gorgeous place, the beauty of man and nature will take your breath away. It can hold 2800 people there. The ceremony venue cost at the Crystal Cathedral is $2400. Cathedral Wedding and Arboretum Reception combination cost $4700. Cathedral Wedding / White Garden Reception combination costs $5000.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum is designed by Richard Neutra. Fountain, light, mirrors, and gardens here have made up a beautiful picture. This spectacular place would be a perfect place to hold a small yet regal wedding. It can accommodate up to 650 guests. The ceremony venue cost at the Arboretum is $2495. Arboretum Split (ceremony and reception) costs $4500.

The Chapel in the Sky

The Chapel in the Sky rests on top of the Tower of Hope. Here is where you stand and take your vows in front of Jesus. It’s a heaven-like place which can accommodate up to 100 guests. The ceremony venue cost at the Chapel in the Sky is $1750. Chapel Wedding and Art Gallery Reception cost $3400.

Good Shepherd Garden

Good Shepherd Garden is a lovely place for an outdoor wedding with fountains and serene waters. It can accommodate up to 175 guests. It’s a nice option for a summer or spring wedding. Ceremony venue cost at the Good Shepherd Garden is $1950. Good Shepherd Garden wedding and Arboretum Reception cost $4300.

Fall Rates are much cheaper than the above price. Fall Rates are valid until January 1, 2011. Other wedding costs for prior to weeding and on your wedding day can be found in the following link:

Wedding Process

Weddings at The Crystal Cathedral are directed by the church personnel. Couples will be assigned with a hostess and host to whom they can tell concerns and requests at the wedding. Each wedding is going to last for 2 hours:

  • First Hour: The bride and bridesmaid can have their preparation work done in the dressing room.
  • Second Hour: Thirty minutes is allocated for the actual ceremony.
  • Another thirty minutes is allocated for taking pictures inside the venue.

The wedding director can help you plan your wedding at the Crystal Cathedral. She can answer all your questions. The working time in their wedding office is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Monday through Friday. Call for more details. Dates for 2010 are still available. Be sure to plan early!

Church Activities for Christmas at Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral, Anaheim is the largest glass building anywhere in the world. The 12 storied Cathedral building is 400 feet long and 200 feet wide with a seating capacity of nearly 3000 people for the Sunday services. Though the exterior of the Cathedral sports a mirror-like finish, it is transparent. This feature enables visitors to participate in the service even from their parked cars.

Among the special events at the Cathedral, ‘Glory of Christmas’ is celebrated between early December and early January. This event is heralded as the best event to celebrate the season in the region.

Best Hotels near the Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral is a great place to visit if you want to spend some quiet time with yourself and the Lord during your travel. This is not only a holy place but a lot of people go here because of the beauty and history of the cathedral.

You can take the tours around the campus of Crystal Cathedral Ministries scheduled from Mondays to Saturdays from 9 am to 3:30 pm. If you think you are to stay long within the area, there are various accommodation options before you and you can pick the best hotels near the Crystal Cathedral according to your preference. In order to choose the best place to stay, it is important that read Anaheim hotel reviews to read testimonials from other guests and travelers.

Hotels near the Crystal Cathedral

  • Hilton Suites Anaheim/ Orange County
  • Towneplace Suites By Marriott Anaheim Orange County
  • Ayres Inn

Enjoy a Different Anaheim in Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral is just on the outskirts of Anaheim and is fondly called the “Hollywood Church”. This Church is also known as Unity Church and is located in Garden Grove, CA. What sets the Crystal Cathedral apart is its unabashed adoption of modern technology in the service of the Lord. The power of the visual media has been skillfully exploited through a series of television shows and closer home, guest lectures by movie stars make it a one of its kind cathedral in the whole of America.

An overview of the activities at the Cathedral

This link provides an excellent overview of the activities at the cathedral and the services. And if you happen to be in Anaheim, you should make it a point to join the services. If you have difficulty in locating the Cathedral, the link above has a convenient map to guide you through.

Brief history

You will be amazed to know that what stands today as the largest glass building anywhere in the world at Anaheim was once a ‘drive-in-theatre’ which again was the first of its kind across California. Most of the credit for this magnificent cathedral goes to pastor Rev.Robert Schuller who started preaching from the roof of the drive-in theatre in 1955 and gradually paved the way for the present edifice which was opened in 1980. Rev.Robert Schuller devoted the whole of a quarter-century in achieving this dream.

Crystal Cathedral is immensely popular among the Americans particularly for their TV show “The Hour of Power”. This Sunday Service of the Cathedral reaches your homes live on TV. There seems to be an endless competition between famous movie stars and the cathedral building itself to occupy the center stage during this live show. The cameramen vie with each other to capture both, week after week.

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