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Since their start in 1968, the Milwaukee Bucks have claimed league, conference and division titles. Milwaukee fans love to cheer on the Bucks and their mascot, Bango. Wisconsin and Milwaukee alike are supportive and enthusiastic about their NBA team.

NBA action is back for another year and Milwaukee fans don’t want to miss out on seeing their favorite team pass, shoot and score this season. Now, there are ways they can have it all without having the high costs of cable commit a foul on their wallets. Modern streaming services harness the technology of the internet to bring you the best in television without a cable and without commitment. What follows are your options to see the Milwaukee Bucks take on the NBA without coughing up the cost of cable.

Live Stream Bucks Game Tonight on Sling TV

Sling TV is for the serious fan. You don’t need to look any further in order to bring the best television channels into your home for another great season of the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA. Sling TV also provides other content that gives subscribers a well-rounded television viewing experience.

Subscribers to Sling TV select from two basic packages, the Orange package, and the Blue package. Milwaukee Bucks fans want the Blue package because it comes with Fox Sports Wisconsin or Fox Sports North. In some cases, the Blue package comes with both of these superior channels. Fox Sports Wisconsin caters to the best in Wisconsin professional and college sports, including the NBA. Many Milwaukee Bucks games come to you on TNT, and this channel for sports lovers comes with the basic package of channels.

The basic package starts at $25 per month and includes more than forty channels in all. Once you have a subscription, your favorite channels come straight to you using internet streaming. The Blue package includes Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, and NBC Sports Network. Once you have the Blue package you can add extra channels that you watch the most for a slightly higher fee. One important option for Milwaukee Bucks fans is the Sports Extra package. This package gives you NBA TV and other must-haves such as beIN sports and ESPN News.

There are other packages for whatever you like to watch on television. There is an option for children and options for movie lovers and people who like to watch the news from around the United States and the world. With the Blue package and Sports Extra, you can watch almost every Bucks game this season, for only $30 per month. There are a few regional blackouts, but these games might be available in other ways such as broadcast television.

Users can start out with a seven-day trial absolutely free. With Sling TV you never sign a contract. Sling TV makes it easy to sign on and access your favorite NBA games and other shows from many different compatible devices. You can take Sling TV with you when you travel and even watch on multiple devices for a slightly higher monthly fee. Subscribers who know they want Sling TV’s services can get a discount on Apple TV or a Roku streamer, absolutely free when they agree to three months of Sling TV. T-mobile customers also receive a discount on Sling TV’s services.

Watch Milwaukee Bucks On PlayStation Vue, AT&T TV Now & Hulu

Another way to see the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA this season is with PlayStation Vue’s streaming services. This service uses similar technology to Sling TV but with some important differences. With TNT and ESPN in the base level of channels, PlayStation Vue, like Sling TV, makes sure that subscribers get to see the biggest Bucks games each year.

However, PlayStation Vue (Sling TV vs PlayStation Vue) starts at a steeper price point than Sling TV. The reason for this is that there are more than fifty channels in PlayStation Vue’s lowest package. That means you might end up paying for channels you never use, just like with cable.

Multiple devices support the streaming service including phones, computers, and television with the right streaming device or a PlayStation console. Some users criticize the service because not all devices allow a new user to create a profile. Users also complain that the interface is not customer-friendly, and it’s hard to navigate through the service. New subscribers get a free trial and there are cloud DVR capabilities.

NBA League Pass

If your NBA interests are very specific, you might find success with NBA League Pass. The NBA itself has created this streaming service so of course, it offers a great deal of NBA content. You can watch and replay regular-season games. There are classic games that you can watch, too.

For $199.99, you get all the teams, all season long on NBA League Pass. You need to know, however, that the NBA blacks out local games. That means if you live in Milwaukee you can’t see your Bucks with this service. If you only want to follow one team and blackouts aren’t going to stop you, you can follow just one team for less, at only $119.99 per season. There are single games available for purchase, too. For fans who want to watch other television channels, Sling TV is likely a more cost-effective option, but NBA League Pass might work for the most dedicated fans who live far away from their teams.

Antenna Television

You can still watch a few NBA games here and there with traditional broadcast television. For this, you don’t need a subscription of sign-up of any kind. Get a tv antenna and a television and you can pick up any Milwaukee Bucks games if you’re in range of the television station that’s showing the game. ABC is an example of a network that airs a few NBA games each year. You can make this experience better by using a DVR to record the game to watch later or fast forward through commercials.

TNT Overtime

Another way to access some free NBA content is with TNT Overtime. TNT chooses several games each week to put online as part of this programming. You can also watch on a mobile device with the Overtime app. This is expanded content, offering even more cameras and content than you otherwise get in a TNT broadcast.

NBA League Pass International

Fans outside the United States might like NBA League Pass International. Available in the United Kingdom Australia and Ireland, to name a few, NBA League Pass International is a lot like the same service that’s available in the United States with the exception that outside the United States there are no blackouts. You can watch every single NBA game all year long with this service. Prices are similar to domestic service.

With all of these ways to stream the Milwaukee Bucks this year, NBA fans never need to find themselves sitting on the sidelines with cable. Instead, Sling TV and other superior streaming services have made a new play for the best in television viewing. Fans can watch the NBA and all of the best in television with these convenient services. Get in on the action today.

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