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In a saturated market where there are countless amazing headphone brands, you may have wondered what are the best brands you can trust and which seem to be most on top of their game.

Each company has a history of making quality headphones and in most cases speaker products, world-class sound, and a culture of innovation. Read on to learn more about these great brands and the amazing products they have to offer.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned a lot about some of the most iconic and best headphone companies on the market today. We are confident that if you check out their products, you will find the perfect headphone for your unique needs.

Here are ten top headphone brands along with a selection of 26 great products each has to offer.

1. Best Audio-Technica Headphones

Since 1962, Audio-Technica has been making electronic products for home and professional use. Originally known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges for turntables, they now produce world-class headphones, microphones, wireless microphones, and other electronic products.

Audio Technica LogoAudio-Technica is famous for professional products which are high in quality, durability, and affordability. Since the launch of their AT-700 stereo headphones in 1974, they have been producing innovative, high-quality headphones that are revered by industry professionals.

Today they offer a wide array of in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones for a recording studio, gaming, DJing, live sound monitoring, audiophile, sport, and home use. They also offer noise-canceling, extended bass, and Bluetooth models as well.

ATH-M70x Professional Monitor Headphones

A standard in the recording studio, the ATH-M70x offers the great sound quality, a closed-back design for keeping outside noise out and headphone audio in, and unparalleled wearing comfort.

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ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones $49

Proving that studio-quality doesn’t have to be expensive, this pair is perfect for the recording studio or home use. They are ideal for anyone who wants a comfortable, great-sounding pair of headphones at a great price. Their closed-back designs keep sound from leaking out and their comfortable over-ear design with soft ear pads allows for hours of wearing comfort.

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ATH-PRO5X Professional Over-Ear DJ Monitor Headphones

This model is an excellent choice for DJs. They do a great job of isolating outside sounds so you never have trouble coming up with your next track. Accurate sound and detailed quality, even at high volume make them perfect for the loudest clubs. They are also rugged, comfortable, dependable, and ready to stand up to the toughest use.

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Audio-Technica ATH-CKS990iS Solid Bass In-Ear Headphones

These headphones are a great choice for on-the-go use. They feature excellent sound quality, comfortable wearability, and plenty of bass.

A built-in microphone lets you answer calls and give voice commands, while in-line controls allow you to adjust volume and handle playback. Additional silicone ear tips are included so you can choose the perfect fit. Excellent attenuation of outside noise allows you to focus on your favorite audio content.

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2. Best Beyerdynamic Headphones

Beyerdynamic has been making professional audio products since 1924. In 1937, they earned the distinction of producing the first-ever dynamic headphone, the DT48. Production of these continued until 2012.

Beyerdynamic logo

Talk about a design that stood the test of time. Today, Beyerdynamic makes top-of-the-line headphones, microphones, and tele/video conferencing products for recording, film, studio, live performance, and high-end consumer use.

Beyerdynamic D 770 Pro

These headphones have become a studio staple due to their incredibly accurate frequency response, closed-back design, and wearing comfort. With a frequency range from 5Hz to 35kHz (keep in mind humans only hear from 20Hz to 20kHz) these headphones allow you to hear the sound as it really is.

Studio users love these because they do a great job of keeping sound from leaking into mics, due to their closed-back design. But unlike many closed-back headphones, these do not have the “sound in your head” effect. Instead, the sound is natural and feels like it’s coming from around you, rather than just in your ears.

They’re also one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones you will find. Plus, all parts are replaceable in case something goes wrong.

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Beyerdynamic DT 990 Open Backed Headphone

The DT 990 is similar to the 770 but has an open-backed design for an even more natural and open sound.

While the 770 is ideal for tracking and recording studio use, the DT 990 is perfect for audiophile-level listening and situations where the most accurate and true headphone sounds are needed.

Like the DR 770, this model has an extremely wide frequency response, rugged design, and replaceable parts. You will especially love its comfort. You can wear these on your ears all day with no fatigue.

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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Studio Reference Headphones

If only the best will do, the DT 1990 open-backed studio reference headphones are an excellent choice. Their open-backed design gives you the most accurate, natural, and honest sound available.

Ideal for listening, mixing, and editing, these let you hear everything. They feature Tesla drivers with a wide and flat frequency response with powerful lows; vivid, clear mids; and smooth, silky highs. Two different ear pads are included, each with its own sonic character, allowing you to choose the best sound for a particular job or situation.

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3. Best Bose Headphones

Bose is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking audio companies in the world today.

BOSE logoKnown primarily for headphones, speakers, noise-canceling headphones, car audio systems, and professional audio systems, Bose is also involved in audio-based sleep solutions, suspensions, and has contracts with the U.S. military and NASA.

Today, Bose produces a wide variety of in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphone brands in many different styles. Their amazing noise cancellation headphones are especially popular.

They also make wireless, Bluetooth, sport, and earbud-style headphones as well.

Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones

This Bluetooth earbud set is a great choice for anyone wanting wireless noise-canceling earbuds. The noise-canceling can be turned on or off, allowing you to hear outside noise when you need to without taking the earbuds out.

They do a great job of attenuating outside noise and especially excel on plane noise, commute noise, and other low-pitched, constant sounds.

An inline remote allows you to adjust volume and control playback and the built-in microphone lets you take calls and give voice commands. Battery life is 10 hours with 3 hours of charging time.

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Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II – Black

This Bluetooth pair of headphones offer great sound and excellent wearing comfort.

Pairing is easy via the free smartphone app. They have a sound that is full, rich, and highly detailed, regardless of listening level. A built-in microphone allows you to take calls and give voice commands.

A three-hour charge gives you 15 hours of listening time and the 15-minute quick-charge feature gives you 2 hours of playtime when the battery is low.

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Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones

These affordable earbuds give you rich, full sound with clear, deep bass. Their sealed acoustic design does a great job of attenuating outside noise, allowing you to listen to music free of distraction.

StayHear Ultra ear tips are soft and comfortable, yet provide a secure, tight fit. They also feature excellent outside noise attenuation which allows you to immerse yourself in music.

A built-in microphone allows you to take calls and give voice commands to your smartphone. These headphones are a great choice for on-the-go use. Whether you are walking, running, listening on your lunch break, or working out the gym, this is a great pair of earbuds for everyday use.

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4. Best Shure Headphones

Shure has been making quality audio products since 1925. This legendary company is a part of not only American music history but national and global history as well.

Shure logoA Shure microphone captured Elvis when he first recorded at Sun Studio. Shure was also the microphone through which JFK announced he would put a man on the moon. In fact, Shure SM57 microphones have been on the President’s podium exclusively since 1965.

You’ll also hear Shure microphones on famous albums in all genres. The SM7 was the mic of choice to capture Michael Jackson’s vocals on the bestselling album of all time, Thriller. Musicians, recording engineers, live sound engineers, and DJs trust Shure products every day.

Not just for pros, they make quality headphone brands that are within the reach of anyone, regardless of budget. Today Shure makes a wide variety of products including microphones, wireless monitoring systems, wireless microphone systems, headphones, and much more.

Shure SE846 Sound Isolating In-Ear Headphones

If you’re looking for a premier set of earbuds, these are a perfect choice. Their bass is phenomenal with the richest, clearest, and lowest bass I’ve ever heard in an earbud.

They are flat, accurate, and allow you to hear the sound just as the mix engineer and artist intended. If you’re looking for the closest thing to a subwoofer implanted in your ears, this is the earbud for you. Not just great for bass, this model has clear, shimmering highs and vivid, detailed mids.

A three-way distribution design processes the highs, mids, and lows separately, while dedicated low filter processes the sub-bass frequencies. They also do a great job of attenuating outside noise and offer 37dB of attenuation.

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Shure SRH440 Closed-back Headphones

An ideal headphone for recording, as well as home listening, the SRH440 features a great sound with maximum isolation and minimal bleed. If you want to keep outside noise out and headphones sound in, this is an excellent choice.

They feature an accurate low end that is not hyped, as well as balanced midrange and clear highs. This headphone also features soft ear cups that are comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

I also love that these sound great a low level, which reduces ear fatigue. Shure offers replaceable ear cups and cable in case something goes wrong.

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5. Best Pioneer Headphones

Another iconic headphone brand, Pioneer has been making quality audio products since 1938 when founder, Nozomu Matsumoto started making speakers in his garage.

Pioneer logoThis Japanese multinational corporation based in Tokyo is respected for its role in innovations such as the laserdisc player, car CD player, GPS navigation, the DVD video player, high definition plasma display, and OEL display.

Pioneer makes audio products for car, home, DJ, business, and professional use.

SE-MS7BT Hi-Res Audio Headphones with Bluetooth Capability

An excellent pair of Bluetooth headphones, the SE-MS7BT features both wireless and wired options. They offer Qualcomm aptX and AAC for superior Bluetooth sound (your connected device must also support these codecs).

Pairing is easy and NFC is fully supported. Hi-Res 40 mm drivers offer beautifully crafted sound with rich bass, clear mids, and shimmering highs.

They are also comfortable to wear, with soft ear pads that you can wear for hours on end without fatigue.

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Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10-K Professional DJ Headphone, Black

Pioneer’s DJ HDJ-X10 headphones are the flagship of Pioneer’s DJ line. They were designed with input from professional DJs, resulting in usable features that benefit DJs of all types.

They are made with polyurethane leather pads and headband cushions which are also nano-coated, protecting them from dirt and sweat. With a frequency range of 5Hz to 40kHz, they extend both above and below the range of human hearing, making sure all frequencies are reproduced.

Durably made, they even pass the US military shock test. The DJ HDJ-X10 is built with swivels so DJs can hear with one ear while listening to the club PA with the other.

They also do a great job of blocking outside noise, allowing DJs to cue up their next track or mix element without being overpowered by the PA speakers. If you’re looking for a pair of DJ headphones that lets you hear the full range of sound, this is the pair for you.

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SE-CH9T Premium In-Ear Headphones

SE-CH9T Premium In-Ear Headphones were developed and are certified for playback of Hi-Res audio formats. They feature ultra-wide 9.7mm drivers which offer full, defined bass, powerful clear mids, and crystal clear highs.

The bass is especially deep and accurate, especially for an earbud. There’s also an inline remote and microphone that allows you to control volume and playback, as well as take calls and give voice commands to your smartphone.

For the price, this is an amazing pair of bass earbuds that performs as well as models costing twice the price.

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6. Best AKG Headphones

Founded in Vienna in 1947, AKG has grown to become one of the world’s premier audio companies. They released their first headphones in 1949 and are still making innovations to this day.

AKG logoTheir microphones and headphones are used in top recording studios, concert halls, and television and film studios throughout the world. AKG also has the distinction of producing the world’s first two-way headphones.

AKG K240 Pro Studio Headphones

This amazing pair of headphones offers beautiful sound with an incredibly wide dynamic range, wide stereo image, and an open sound that really lets you hear the details.

When you listen to music through this headphone you hear things you never heard before. You might notice another guitar tucked low in the mix or a keyboard part that you never heard while listening in your car. That’s the kind of detail these headphones are famous for.

Featuring a best of both worlds compromise between closed and open-backed headphones, the K240’s semi-open design gives you the open sound of open-backed headphones and the isolation and minimal bleed of a closed-back design. They are perfect for at-home listening, as well as recording studio use.

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AKG K702 Headphones

This set is accurate, allowing you to hear the music just as the artist intended. None of the frequencies are hyped but this doesn’t at all mean they are not powerful.

The bass is deep and rich, the mids are clear and vivid, and the highs are shimmery and clear without being overly bright. They are also comfortable. The open-backed design breathes well and gives you a sound that is, well, open.

They give you none of the “band in your head” effect that you get from some headphones. Instead, the sound seems to come from all around you and doesn’t feel like it’s right on top of your ears. Frequency response from 10Hz to 39.8kHz means all frequencies are reproduced, allowing you to hear every detail of your favorite music.

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7. Best Ultrasone Headphones

Handcrafted in Wielenbach, Bavaria, Ultrasone has been making quality headphones for over 25 years.

Ultrasone logoThey have been granted over 60 patents relating to headphone technology, showing how committed they are to making the best headphones possible.

Ultrasone is famous for its ‘natural surround sound’ which is designed to reproduce the audio exactly as the artist and mix engineer intended. Their patented S-Logic technology uses natural reflections of the inner ear to create a larger sound stage that results in truer and more accurate sound.

Ultrasone HFI-450 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Closed-back Headphones

One of the most affordable Ultrasone models, the HFI-450 offers audiophile quality on a budget. They feature Ultrasone’s famous S-Logic natural surround sound which allows you to hear the audio just as the artist and mix engineer intended.

Beautiful sounding and beautiful looking, these are a joy to listen to. Their sound is clear and three-dimensional, making you feel immersed in sound as if the band is coming from all around and not just in your ears. Even at the lowest volumes, the sound is still full and wide.

If you thought Ultrasones was out of your price range, think again.

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Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic Plus Surround Sound Professional Closed-back Headphones

When only the finest will do, the Ultrasone Signature Pro is an excellent choice. Designed for daily use by professional users, they feature first-rate audio quality that must be experienced to be understood.

While they offer the finest in audio reproduction, they are also made to withstand the rigors of daily use, whether on the road, in the studio, or just listening at home.

They are also some of the most comfortable headphones you will ever try. You can literally wear them all day without fatigue. The leather is from Ethiopian long-haired sheep and is sewn by hand. While some may consider this extravagant, they will not argue about the incredible wearing comfort offered by these exquisite headphones.

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8. Best Sennheiser Headphones

Since its founding in 1945 by engineering professor, Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, Sennheiser has been an audio innovator, creating products that are used by professionals worldwide.

Sennheiser logoKnown for microphones, headphones, wireless systems, and other audio solutions, you’ll find Sennheiser products in recording studios, concert halls, sound stages, TV and movie studios, and professional sound installations the world over.

Sennheiser headphones are popular with a number of celebrities from DJs, artists, and musicians but also found a good choice with regular consumers. Their success comes from great-sounding, looking audio products that fit with every budget.

Sennheiser RS 135-9 RF Wireless Headphone System

One of my favorite headphones for watching TV and general home use, the RS 135-9 has the superior audio quality Sennheiser is known for. They have an incredible bass response, clear highs, and responsive mids.

This is a great model for people with hearing loss, or for anyone who wants to watch TV without disturbing others. Simply plug the outs of your TV or stereo system into the inputs of the transmitter and you are ready to go. Volume and on/off controls are located directly on the headphones for added convenience. Their ease of use and simplicity of design make them a great choice for less tech-savvy users. Plus, the transmitter doubles as a recharging station. Simply hang your headphones on the transmitter and charging begins.

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Sennheiser IE60

This pair of compact earbuds has some of the most powerful and honest bass you will ever hear in an in-ear headphone. It is deep, rich, and clear without any hype or unnatural boosting.

Not just for bass, this set also has vivid, detailed mids and clear, distinct highs that are not overly bright or thin. They also provide 20dB of outside noise attenuation. This allows you to block outside noise and immerse yourself in audio. Plus the attenuation also allows you to listen to lower volumes, reducing ear fatigue.

The build quality is excellent, with durable housing and a rugged cable. Ear hooks are also included for a better fit but can be left off depending on your preference. All in all, this is a great set of earbuds that is comfortable to wear and sounds amazing.

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Sennheiser HD200 Headphones

This set proves that Sennheiser quality is available at a budget price. While Sennheiser has designs that cost well over $1,000, these deliver excellent results for under $100.

They are comfortable to wear, accurate, and have excellent isolation that keeps sound from leaking out. In fact, they have 32dB of outside noise attenuation.

They are a great choice for recording studio use, DJ use, and at-home listening. They are also well built and dependable.

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9. Best B&O Headphones

B & O, Bang, and Olufsen is a Danish high-end audio company that has been making quality products for 90 years.

BO Headphones logoKnown for their distinctive visual style and high-end audiophile quality, B & O makes top-quality headphones for audiophiles the world over. Their offerings include over-ear and on-ear designs with features such as Active Noise Cancelling, Touch Control, and Transparency Mode.

B and O is also known for the quality of their construction, as well as wearing comfort, with headphones made of premium materials including lambskin, cowhide leather, and anodized aluminum.


by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Premium Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

True wireless design means there are no wires connecting the left and right earbuds. This gives you an unparalleled range of movement, making them perfect for on-the-go activities such as walking and exercising at the gym.

In addition to the range of movement, you also get B and O signature sound quality and the premium design and components which have made B & O a leader in the headphone market. Easy touch controls on the earbuds allow you to take calls via the built in microphone, switch tracks, and give voice commands.

Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) audio streaming gives you superior audio quality, as well as superior streaming when compared with standard Bluetooth. Some true wireless designs are bad about dropouts but these feature audio transfer between the earbuds via a magnetic field which prevents dropouts. The case can store two additional charges so you always have power even when on the go.

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B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

Beoplay H8i Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation

This pair of headphones offers amazing features and the sound quality B & O is known for.

Active noise cancellation blocks out external noise giving you more peace and quiet in a noisy world. Plus, transparency mode lets outside sounds through when you need to—allowing you to have a conversation or hear an important message without taking your headphones off.

Another amazing feature is the built in proximity sensor that stops playback when you take off your headphones and then starts again when you put them back on. This helps to save battery power. This pair also features an industry leading 30 hours of playtime per charge.

All of these features, plus the amazing sound quality of a premium pair of B & O headphones, make this pair well worth the price.

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10. Best Beats Headphones

Beats, also known as Beats by Dr. Dre, was founded in 2006 by rapper and producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Records co-founder, Jimmy Iovine. While a relatively new company, Beats has made a considerable impact on the headphone industry, bringing high-end audio quality to an entirely new generation.

Beats logoThrough Beats, youth have discovered the difference between stock earbuds and high-quality audio reproduction. Acquired by Apple in 2014, Beats produces quality headphones and earbuds in both wired and wireless configurations.

Beats are known not only for their quality audio but for their everyday wearability and comfort as well. They are the headphones millions of people trust to bring outstanding audio quality to their everyday lives.

Beats UR Beats

This set really gives you a lot of bang for the buck. They feature excellent sound quality and one of the most comfortable designs I’ve experienced in an affordable earbud.

If I had to choose an earbud for daily life, this would be the one. They are great for everyday carrying whether you’re walking, listening at work, at home, or at the gym.

They have a great sound, excellent wearing comfort, and don’t get in the way like some headphones. RemoteTalk lets you take calls via the built-in mic, as well as give voice commands. The tangle-free cable is perfect for on-the-go use and the case is small enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to carry your earbuds anywhere.

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Beats Powerbeats Wireless Earbuds

This excellent pair of Bluetooth earbuds give you the freedom of wireless as well as great sound.

The ear wings keep the earbuds in place, allowing you to concentrate of your activities.

Battery life is 12 hours and with the Fast Fuel feature, a five-minute charge gives you an hour of playback time. This is a great feature for times when your battery is low or when you forget to charge. A built-in mic allows you to take calls and give voice commands to your smartphone.

This is another great offering from Beats for today’s on-the-go listener.

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