Five essential Australian destinations you’ve never heard of

Australia remains to be one of the most alluring and amazing holiday destinations. It’s not surprising; the country boasts some of the most varied and stunning landscapes in the world. Its popularity will never recede. Having said that, if you book a holiday in Australia, you’re probably running the risk that your holiday will be just like everyone else’s; you’ll probably visit the Sydney Opera House, Uluru Rock, go swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, etc.  Well, we want you to have a completely unique holiday; to help you out, we’ve put a list together of five of the most unique and amazing Australian places to visit; hopefully, ones you’ve never heard of before! You won’t forget this Australia long haul holiday in a hurry.


Lord Howe Island

You’re guaranteed to avoid the crowds at Lord Howe Island. The government doesn’t allow more than 400 people on the island at any one time! It’s got a volcanic peak, a beautiful lagoon, perfect beaches, and much more.

Apart from the mouth-dropping natural attractions, you can also play golf, go fishing, windsurfing, kite surfing, go on guided walks, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so much more. Although camping out in the wild is forbidden, the guided walks will show you some of the wildlife that’s native to the island.

Lucky Bay

Named by its discoverer after the hazardous circumstances in which he landed on the island, Lucky Bay is located on the south coast of Western Australia. Expect white sand and beautiful, warm and clear water.

Right next to the Cape le Grand National Park, the beach is relatively undisturbed by the human masses; some even report seeing a kangaroo or two chillings out on the beach as well. There are a caravan and camping ground, so you can pitch up overnight to make sure you get the most out of the deserted, 5 km stretch of white sand!

Chillagoe Caves

The Chillagoe Caves are located in northern Queensland; they make the perfect holiday escape, with a local population of around 250 people. It used to be a mining town and still has a few marble quarries left.

The Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park has a network of limestone caves, numbering at around 600. Five of them are available for viewing, the Royal Arch being the largest network, comprising of 13 individual chambers, stretching out 1.5 km. The caves are absolutely spectacular; get ready to see some sights that you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.



Menzies was an old gold-rush town. With a tiny population of about 400 people, the nearby Lake Ballard actually has bizarre stick-figure statues that artist Antony Gormley sculpted to model out the locals of Menzies.


Cape Crawford

Cape Crawford hosts the luscious, gorgeous Limmen National Park. While you’re there, visit Butterfly Springs, a great place to have a dip, surrounded by the lush vegetation. Common Crow butterflies flock here in thousands every year, making for a truly unique natural event you will be unlikely to forget.

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