7 Awesome Things to do in Tokyo

List of top 7 things to do and see in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is one of the most premier tourist destinations in the world, famous for its nature spots, man-made sites, delectable cuisine, lip-smacking beverages, nightlife, and more if you are geared up to step out of your dwelling, this summer.

tokyo tower

1. The Japanese Gardens

You are planning for a summer break to give yourself that much-needed peace of mind. Right! Luckily, if Tokyo is your finalized tourist destination, then Japanese Gardens will take your heart away! These gardens are perfect to get away from the Tokyo city buzz, as the ambiance is very calm and scenic, which will make you feel like heaven. The teahouses in these lawns are best to take pleasure in sipping the most famous Japanese brewer in a cultural backdrop. From sliding walls made of bamboo of the finest quality to the seating arrangement, just about everything will amaze you (if you are a first-timer)

japanese gardens


2. Tokyo fish markets

Boarded a flight back to your hometown without visiting the Tokyo fish market?  Yes, then this is not what a perfect Tokyo vacation plan should be! Stroll around the heaps of deep-sea crabs, shellfish, oysters, and many other sea creatures which are a part of Japanese cuisine in some of the world’s top open-air fish markets.

3. Tokyo, Shibuya

Shibuya is Tokyo’s time square. Karaoke clubs and pachinko parlors are open all night, shopping, hotels, romantic restaurants, games, are a few out of hundreds of things to do in this time square. The ever-sparkling neon signboards will surely catch your eyes to an extent, which will make you a shopaholic.

4. Imperial Palace Tokyo

Witness the rich history of Japan by driving to the outskirts of the city, the Tokyo Imperial Palace. It is a magnificent palace that has been home to some of the nameless royal families in the world.  After this, don’t miss the Marunouch right next to this palace, a hub of bubbling bars, shopping malls, and entertainment.

5. Mt Fuji

Do you know where the natural symbol of Japan is derived? Well, that’s from Mt Fuji, a vigorous volcano, and a sacred mountain. With a wonderfully symmetrical volcanic cone, It goes without saying this spot is a must-see while you are on a vacation in Japan

mount mt fuji


6. Disneyland

Before this, you might in the wrong perception that the Disney land is only in Honk-Kong, but that’s not right as there is one in Tokyo known as the “Tokyo Disneyland”. This is a magnificent park having Cinderella castles, magical scary nighttime illuminations, an erupting volcano, and not to skip the prominent Disney paradise.

7. Shopping in Tokyo

If you are a fashion fanatic, then you won’t walk out from this city of clothing feeling deprived as there are several shopping spots like Tokyo’s ‘Fifth Avenue’, Omotesando Street, here you can enjoy shopping in a chic ambiance while avoiding the heavy crowd of midtown.

After going the above few out of the hundreds of things to do in Tokyo you must have developed a weakness for this city of love, and would be fervently next for next summer holiday!

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