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10 Best Children’s Aquariums in the US

10 Best Children’s Aquariums in the US

There are over 150 US-based aquariums, There are over 150 US-based aquariums, so picking the best can be a bit…

Children’s Aquariums of the World

An “aquarium” can be either a marine mammal park or a sizable aquarium displaying an ocean habitat. You can observe marine animals of various sizes, and the larger the aquarium, the more animals you can see. Oceanariums can be run as a place of preservation for certain marine life or to fund conservation projects in the wild, in addition to being a great place to see and gain knowledge about sea life and its habitat. According to the Marine Bio Conservation Society, there are over 200 marine aquariums and ocean life centers around the globe.

Exhibits at some of the world’s most famous aquariums, such as the Georgia Aquarium and the massive Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, will take your breath away.

What is the Largest Aquarium in the World?

Because of its 6 million-gallon Whale Shark exhibit, the Shanghai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is currently one of the world’s largest aquariums. This is only slightly smaller than the Georgia Aquariums’ 6.3 million gallon exhibit, which is the largest aquarium in the United States!

Best Aquariums for Children

When we travel to a new city with our kids, there are a few things we look into ahead of time. To make sure we do something special for him, we like to combine sightseeing with kid-friendly attractions. One of these things is to look for an aquarium. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten aquariums in the United States where kids can see, meet, and even touch underwater, with an emphasis on those with the most kid-friendly, different activities and exhibits. See which aquarium is nearest to you, or plan a trip to a new location and explore!

In the US:

  1. New York Aquarium in Brooklyn, NY
  2. National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD
  3. Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA
  4. New England Aquarium in Boston, MA
  5. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL
  6. Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, CA
  7. Maui Ocean Center in Wailuku, HI
  8. Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, OR
  9. Birch Aquarium in Scripps, La Jolla, CA
  10. Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN

in Europe:

These ten outstanding European aquariums provide children and adults with an insight into the sea, its creatures, and their impact on our lives.

  1. Sea Life London Aquarium in London
  2. L’Aquarium de Paris in Paris
  3. Oceanogràfic in Valencia, Spain
  4. National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, UK
  5. Haus des Meeres in Vienna, Austria
  6. Atlantic Sea Park in Alesund, Norway
  7. Den Blå Planet in Copenhagen
  8. L’Aquarium in Barcelona
  9. Oceanário de Lisboa in Lisbon
  10. Aquarium La Rochelle in France