14 Day Motorcycle Tour of the Great American West

Motorcycle Tour of National Parks and Landmarks

Are you looking to experience the Old American West? Do you wish to see the beauties of it along the way? Do you want to live an experience you’ll talk about and remember for a lifetime? We will do our best to make this happen. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we offer our readers. We really want you to enjoy our National Parks as we have. We do wish to serve your needs so this ride is comfortable and full of positive memories. Motorcycle tours have filled our personal treasure chest with laughter, beauty, and great people. We now want to share this with you. Take a look at the tour below. It’s a great itinerary for a small group of friends with a personal homegrown touch through one of the most beautiful areas of the country.


Bozeman, MT

Day 1

Arrive in Bozeman. MT. Nestled in the midst of Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Bozeman is the county seat of Gallatin County and boasts a population nearing 40,000. There are opportunities to enjoy a myriad of parks, museums, multi-medium art exhibits and there are many diverse shopping opportunities as well. Bozeman has become somewhat of a tech company magnet attracting more than 90 high tech companies, primarily because of the wonderful surroundings in which to work. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University, which services undergraduate and post-graduate students in dozens of academic fields.

Skiers, campers, hikers, fishermen, and rafters swarm to the area to take full advantage of the vast outdoor experiences available. The surrounding mountains include Bridger, Gallatin and the Tobacco Root Range and these peaks provide some of the finest skiing in all of North America. With the rich heritage and scenic splendor that abounds in Gallatin County, it is easy to understand why Bozeman is the fastest growing city in Montana.

Montana’s Rockie Mountains

Day 2 & 3

You’ve heard the nickname for Montana, “Big Sky Country”. Well, now you get to ride it. Here’s the American West at its best. For two days you’ll ride at highway speed with mountain ranges always in view and of course Big Sky above. Montana speed limit reaches 80 mph here, so settle in and put the wind in your face. We’re on our way to Glacier NP.

...as Lewis and Clark saw it on the Missouri River!

Glacier National Park

Day 4 & 5

A spectacular and scenic 52-mile highway through Glacier National Park, which crosses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass in Montana. Stay at the northeast gate of Glacier the night of day 3, this way you can travel the park going east to west with the sun at your back, highlighting the stunning mountainsides and unmatched views of Glacier National Park. Leaving Glacier behind you’ll head south along the east side of gorgeous Flathead Lake. You’ll enjoy a 70-mile lakeside view, wishing all the way you could live right there. The photos you’ll take to remember this day will be incredible. Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake, this is the day you came on this ride for!

Sawtooth Mountains

Day 6 & 7

The Sawtooth Mountains of ID. Maybe you’ve heard of them or seen a picture or two, but that leaves you well short of what you’ll experience. The Sawtooths are epic. Your lodging for the night rests along the Salmon River, so if you like fly fishing, it doesn’t get any better than this. The view from your porch is of the Sawtooth’s Mountains with the Salmon River winding through the grassy fields before you. Be sure to wake up early, make a pot of coffee, sit on your porch and watch one of the most spectacular sunrises against a mountain range you’ll ever see.

Alpine & Jackson Hole Wyoming

Day 8 & 9

You’ll put some miles behind us today. Travel south and west through southern Idaho. Along the way, you’ll ride along rivers and between mountain ranges. Your destination is Alpine Wy. A great location to spend 2 nights just outside Jackson Hole WY. You’ll have the second day at Alpine as an Open Ride Day. Visit Alpine or Jackson Hole, take a day ride or just hang out at a great lodging location. Your choice.

Grand Teton & Yellowstone

Day 10

Today you ride to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. From the south, enter Jackson Wy, an iconic old west town known for its world-famous shops and the Jackson Hole Ski Resort. You’ll ride to the base of the Grand Teton mountains, the most majestic, sky-reaching, picturesque mountains you’ll ever see. Make time to stop along the banks of Jackson & Shelly Lakes where you’ll take some of your most memorable photos of the ride. Continue your ride up the west side of Yellowstone, where you’ll see Lake Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs and so much more.

Yellowstone National Park

Open Ride Day in Yellowstone National Park

Day 11

Spend the day at your pace exploring Yellowstone is what it’s all about. Today is your day to wander where you want to go. Take a map and venture out to all corners of Yellowstone National Park on your own.

Yellowstone is the oldest park in the U.S. Park System and is by far its most frequently visited. Each year, it draws 3 million visitors; by some estimates, one-third of the U.S. population will visit this place during their lifetime. Folks come for a variety of reasons, but getting back to the wild and untamed America of 200 years ago is at the root of most people’s purposes. The fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and sightseeing are incomparable to anywhere else in the world.

Be sure you see Yellowstone Canyon and the Upper Falls from Artist Point. Amazing photo opportunity. Spend a 2nd night’s stay in Gardiner, MT.

If you have time for only one trail to hike while in Yellowstone, you may want to consider Washburn Trail. The trail starts from the Glacial Boulder Trailhead in the Canyon area and follows along the north side of the Grand Canyon. Experienced hikers might consider following the Seven-Mile Hole Trail to its impressive terminus in the depths of the canyon, then powering all the way to Washburn’s summit. This hike offers an awesome spectacle of mountain views, wildlife and fantastic scenery in general. On a clear day, the 10,243-foot peak offers views all the way to the Gallatins, Absarokas, and Tetons.

Chief Joseph Highway

Day 12

What a great day this will be! As you exit Yellowstone, travel through the Lamar Valley. If you’ve come on this tour to see the American Buffalo, up CLOSE, this is the place to be. From there, travel through Cooke City, MT, and the amazing Chief Joseph Hwy. You may not have heard of this highway, but once you ride it, you won’t ever forget it. Stay in Red Lodge and prepare for an early morning ride over Bears Tooth Pass.

Bears Tooth Pass

Day 13

Today’s ride takes you back through Cooke City MT and to get there, ride Bears Tooth Pass. Yes, this is Bears Tooth Pass day. You will experience the number 1 rated motorcycle ride in America. There’s just not enough space here to express all I could say about this ride. INCREDIBLE!!! All good things must come to an end.  Your lodging will be at the same hotel you started out in on day 1. That will feel like a lifetime ago after this ride.  Have a departure dinner this night, exchange stories and well wishes to your new friends and certainly contact information.

Travel Day

Day 14

It’s an air travel day. Time to fly home.

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