4 Scariest Places In The World To Base Jump

Scariest Places for BASE Jumping

It’s easy jumping out of an airplane. All you have to do is close your eyes and step out. There is so much space between you and the earth that you could have a little shut-eye before you even think about opening up the parachute. It’s a thrill, but it’s not what you would call dangerous. It doesn’t send your heart racing at a million miles per hour. Base jumping, on the other hand, is different. If you don’t open that chute you’re going to splatter into the ground pretty quickly. That’s why it’s becoming much more popular as the year’s progress.

Unless you’re really lucky and live somewhere perfect, you don’t have much chance of giving it a shot. If you do have somewhere then it is going to get pretty mundane doing the same jump every time. You should think about taking it to the road. There are lots of places around the world where you could have the time of your life, jumping from new and exciting things and having the rush of seeing new scenery as you come close to certain death. You’re going to love the following places and they should give you new ideas about how to take your base jumping to the next level.

Yosemite National Park, California

Once inside the park, head for El Capitan, a huge granite formation that’s also very popular with hikers and climbers. When you jump from this you will fall 3000ft down to the ground below. This is thought of as the home of base jumping and since it was attempted the sport has grown in size. It’s not technically legal to jump here, but when do base jumpers ever follow the rules.

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Troll Wall, Norway

This jump is the greatest vertical drop in Europe at around 3600ft. Norway has a huge amount of great places to base jump. It seems the whole country is made for it, with all its craggy mountains. But this one reigns supreme. The view from here is really nice and you’ll always find some crazy Norwegians to jump with.
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Angel Falls, Venezuela

How would you feel about jumping from the world’s biggest waterfall? Deep inside the Venezuelan jungle, you will find Angel Falls, which is over 3200ft high. The vertical drop measures an impressive 2600ft. You might have a tough time getting to it, as it requires you to take a boat ride deep inside the jungle. It will make it all the more fun when you finally get to jump.
Angel Falls Venezuela

Trango Towers, Pakistan

This is one of the highest vertical drops in the world. The granite spires rise to nearly 4400ft. You must be a mad man to want to jump from here, but some do. As with Angel Falls, the most difficult part in base jumping this mountain is the getting there. But it’s not like you can just jump in a canoe and float downriver to get there. You need to actually climb the mountain unless you have a secret jet-pack that no-one knows about. It’s still going to be great.

Trango Towers Pakistan

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