Free Small Starbucks Hazelnut or Caramel Macchiato All March!

Feeling the need for caffeine? Starbucks is giving away free small (aka tall) hazelnut and caramel macchiatos to customers at participating coffee shops through March 31.

The coffee giveaway is in honor of Starbucks’ new hazelnut macchiato – its first new permanent espresso drink in 16 years, according to Time Mag.

UPDATE:Starbucks was handing out coupons for this deal, but they went quickly. Some baristas will make the freebie on request. But thanks to RetailMeNot, you can go into a Starbucks with the coupon in hand or on your mobile device. Just Click Here.

The hazlenut macchiato is the same as the caramel one — steamed milk with vanilla syrup and marked with espresso — except instead of topped with caramel syrup, the drink is topped with hazelnut syrup.

I’m heading out tomorrow to get my freebie. I’m not a fan of hazelnut, so it’s a caramel macchiato for me!

More Free Fun: Join the My Starbucks Rewards program and get $5 to spend at Starbucks for free! All you have to do is register your Starbucks card online, and the $5 is automatically loaded. The offer is for new registrants only through March 14, 2013.

Live Free!

*Disclosure: No compensation was received in exchange for this post.